The Adventures of Sonic the Something(and other stupid friends) is a 2013 comic written by JrTroopa Jr. Troopa . The comic is a spin-off of Super(Duper) Mario and done in the same style. Each issue parodies Sonic and friend's life and adventures.


After an obese man from space kidnaps little animals, a chubby annoying blue loudmouth porcupine must save the world. With friends.


  • Sonic the Something: Sonic is a short chubby porcupine who can run around at the speed of sound(or actually not according to Youtube). He is loud, annoying, and rude and hated by all accept for Amy the Stalker
  • Tails the Birdwolf: A 6 year old whiny thing. The secret Sega doesn't want you to know is that he's secretly an orphan Bird-Wolf hyrbid. Also, he is a whizz at science and makes a bunch of stupid planes.
  • Shadow the Recolor: A crazy 50-year old recolor, I mean hedgehog. He is schizophrenic from his past and frequently yells, "Maria? MAIRA?!". BTW, SO EDGY.
  • Amy the Stalker: A supposed 10-year old(By that they mean immortal demon sage) who is a pink hedgehog. She stalks Sonic and her weapon of choice is a Doki Doki Hammer.
  • Mike "Knuxie" Bytson: A 30-year old boxer, Mike is a "thing" with spiked boxing gloves who is Sonic and Tails's friend and coaches them.
  • Saio: Demonic little pets who warp your time and make you be their owners. They feed off the souls of animals. And attend Kindergarten two.
  • Creep the Rabbity: A creepy 6-year old rabbit thing obsessed with Saios. They have turned her into a crazy person who stalks Amy the Stalker.
  • Fat the obese Creeper: A fat middle aged purple thing that hangs out with little girls and fishes a lot.


Volume 1

  • Sonic the Remake: After learning that SEGA is going to make a remake of his first game but with all of the new characters and guns, Sonic sets off to stop it.

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