"A Brand New 3D Platformer, Points for Originality" - The games slogan.

The Adventures of Nick Newton is a original 3D platformer game made by Suplex Studios for The Newt, Unlike the company's other games this is a original game with brand new characters


The game is 3D platformer where you go to the end of a level to complete it, although you may think it would be linear the levels are very open with multiple paths.

Nick Newton

Nick Newton is a Newt and uses his newt abilities to traverse levels such as breathing underwater and briefly becoming toxic to enemies, he can also use his tail in many ways such as a whip,a spin attack and more.


While they don't need to be collected to beat the game regularly the collectibles are required to get 100% and even some new moves, There are 60 golden idols and 700 Lickysaur Tokens to collect.

collecting all 60 golden idols Unlocks multiplayer battle mode

Every time you collect 100 Lickysaur Tokens a new move is available, there are 7 Secret Moves to learn.

There also are keys at the end of all the levels which unlock the boss levels of the game.



Nick Newton is a Treasure Hunter who has just found the legendary golden treasure known as the "Tablet of the Remembered" and is on his way to give it to the museum, however Nick's arch nemesis Rex Hammond discovers this and steals the tablet along with all of the golden idols from the museum as well, So now it's up to Nick Newton to save the day.

Entering Crimetown



  • Nick Newton - Nick is a Treasure Hunting Newt who is a bit of a jerk and hates it when people don't listen to him
  • The Museumkeeper - The owner of the museum, he is very old and wise and teaches the player how to play the game
  • Rex Hammond - The Main villain of the game
  • Lickysaur - Lickysaur Is a special NPC that will teach you a new move each time you collect 100 Lickysaur Tokens


In this game the world is a giant hub where you can find levels to play, the hub is split into sections after beating a boss, a new section is available. There are six sections

Big City

  • Museum Madness - A level set in the Museum, this is also the tutorial level in the game.
  • Downtown Dash - A level set in the busy downtown area of the city,there are many cars that might run you over.
  • Subway Escape - This level is set on top of multiple subway trains while fighting enemies.
  • The Sewerdweller (BOSS STAGE)

The Forest

  • Dark Forest - This level is set in a dark and spooky forest
  • Spooky Swamps
  • Sawmill Attack
  • Wood Golem (BOSS STAGE)

The Mountain

  • Minecart Mayhem
  • Mountain Hike
  • Snow Top Hop
  • Ice Arena
  • The Yeti King (BOSS STAGE)


  • Crime Alleyway
  • Freedom Prison
  • Rex's Casino
  • Helicopter Skyline
  • Rex Hammond's Rhinobot (BOSS STAGE)

Adventure Plains

  • Desert Pyramid
  • Rocky Canyon
  • Deep Blue Sea
  • Robot Factory
  • Roboto (BOSS STAGE)

The Jungle

  • Secret Temple
  • Jungle Treetops
  • Volcano Rush
  • Rex's Army Base
  • Rex Hammond (BOSS STAGE)

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