The Adventures of Milo and Leon is the action-adventure show and animated show from Scribblenauts that is made by Jcpag2010.


  • Milo: A main character; Maxwell's adventurer brother.
  • Leon: A main character; Maxwell's gothic brother.
  • Maxwell: A main character.



  • Grandpa Edgar: Maxwell's father was amazing adventure to the desert and the ocean.
  • Grandma Julie: Maxwell's mother and Edgar's wife was exploring the rainforest and the cave.
  • Lily: Maxwell's sister.
  • Clark: Maxwell's superhero and sidekick brother that has powers to save the world.
  • Dale: Maxwell's racing brother that races around the world.
  • Scratch: Maxwell's cool brother that can play music.


  • Doppelganger: Maxwell's rival.
  • Cthulhu: A large, winged creature from H.P. Lovecraft's story The Call of Cthulhu.
  • Shoggoth: A large blue blob monster that has several green eyes.


  • Shambler: A hostile creature from H.P. Lovecraft; known as a Star Vampire.
  • Dracon the Dragon: A large reptilian creature that breathes fire.
  • Guy: Maxwell's jock brother.
  • Tanc: Maxwell's brother who is in military.
  • Mr. Porcupine: Piny's father.
  • Mrs. Porcupine: Piny's mother.
  • Mr. Beaver: Bevlo's father.
  • Mrs. Beaver: Bevlo's mother.
  • Dracon's Brother: A brother dragon.
  • Dracon's Sister: A sister dragon.
  • Piny's Brother: A brother porcupine.
  • Piny's Sister: A sister porcupine.
  • Bevlo's Brother: A brother porcupine.
  • Bevlo's Sister: A sister beaver.


  1. The Adventure Begins - Milo and Leon are the adventurers to begin the journey.
  2. Taking Over - Milo and Leon takes over in Palindromeda.
  3. Maxwell's Evil Twin - Doppelganger writes harmless creatures to attack Milo and Leon.
  4. Never Saw It Coming - Milo and Leon saves Syntax Station from Doppelganger.
  5. Alien Probe Calling - The aliens are coming to Palindromeda.
  6. Super Itelliegent Simian - Milo and Leon needs a smarter Maxwell.
  7. Get Busy Living - Milo and Leon needs an astronaut to escape from Palindromeda.
  8. Danger: Black Hole - Milo and Leon needs to talk to the researchers about the black hole.
  9. Unsunken City - Milo and Leon stuck in the Lost Kingdom of Parenthesis.
  10. Dungeon Break - Milo and Leon trapped in Sir Guillement's Castle.
  11. Space Station Infilration - Milo and Leon shuts down the supercomputer.
  12. Board to the Future - Milo and Leon helps Maxwell from the future.
  13. That's My Boy - Milo and Leon needs a hero from Palindromeda.

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