The Adventures of Mario and Sonic: The Secrets Awaken is a platform adventure game based on the fanfiction on Wattpad of the same title. It features Mario and Sonic and friends fighting enemies from their past games. It is especially known for the debut of Bowsay and Pumpkin.

Plot This game features four main stories: Hero Story, Villain Story, Sister Story, and Brother Story. After all four stories are complete, Final Story is unlocked.

Hero Story The Hero Story opens with the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. Everyone is there except Bowser and Eggman. Pumpkin, Tails' twin sister, suddenly flies over Tails to intervene an ivisible claw that was going to capture Tails. Once the invisible claw catches Pumpkin, it turns visible and reveals to be the Egg Carrier. Bowser then comes flying in with his airship fleet as well. Eggman says he should have won the gold medal, but Sonic says the Olympics are all about having fun. Tails is very upset about his losing his sister. As Bowser and Eggman retreat, all the Mario and Sonic characters get together to comfort Tails.

The scene opens up three months later. Tails is still upset from the loss of his sister. Sonic notices this, and convinces Tails to move on and that there is still hope finding her. Amy notices this and does the same thing. Blaze and Silver then return from searching for Bowser and Eggman but still haven't found them yet. Sonic convinces them to not give up, but Silver complains that Sonic says that every time. Sonic then mentions that there couldn't be anyone spying on them right now, but then a nearby tree shakes. Blaze goes to check on the tree, but she doesn't find anything. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach and Daisy then arrive. They haven't found any sign of Bowser or Eggman either. Blaze and Silver explain to them that they thought there was a Badnik spying on them when a tree was shaking, but they didn't find anything. The team then looks over and sees Peach and Amy in another location. They eventually realize that it's not the real Peach and Amy. As soon as the team looks back, they see the real Peach and Amy tied in rope. Mario and Sonic then fight Dark Peach and Dark Amy. As soon as they defeat them, Dark Amy says they will return Amy and Peach to them as soon as they give them Shadow. Dark Peach and Dark Amy then disappear. As soon as Dark Peach and Dark Amy escape, the team is confused on how those two just appear out of nowhere. Yoshi suggests it could only be Bowser and Eggman, Tails says it would make sense if Eggman wanted Shadow to join his side again.

Later, Silver and Blaze return from another search, saying they found Bowser and Eggman's base. Tails passes the news on to Sonic, Knuckles, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Daisy. Shadow then questions why Tails hasn't told him yet. Tails explains to Shadow about Dark Peach and Dark Amy. He suggests Shadow not to come since he doesn't want Eggman to catch him. Shadow disagrees and doubts that Eggman will ever succeed, but he stays behind anyways. Sonic, Knuckles, and Blaze ride the X Tornado with Tails while Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Daisy ride with Captain Toad on the Starshroom. Silver leads the way using his psychokinesis. While on the way, Silver gets knocked out by one of Eggman's missiles. Tails catches him on the X Tornado. Sonic and Knuckles fight any enemies coming at them while Blaze helps Silver. Captain Toad then alerts Tails that the Starshroom has been hit. Blaze says Silver's heart isn't beating nor is he breathing. Tails suggests for her to push on his chest to get his heart started again. A giant blue Badnik then lands on the X Tornado and grabs Sonic and Knuckles. The robot is about to crush the X Tornado, but then Silver is revived and uses his psychokinesis to get rid of the robot and free Sonic and Knuckles. Silver also uses his psychics to lift the damaged Starshroom. Just when the team thinks the trouble is all over, they run into Bowser's Airship Fleet. Lumas then appear in time to fix the Starshroom. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi get on top of the Starshroom and fight Bowser's minions. The team then lands on Bowser and Eggman's base. (To be continued...)

Villain Story This story is unlocked after defeating Dark Peach and Dark Amy for the first time in Hero Story. The story opens with Bowser and Eggman discussing their Master Plan to take over the universe and build Eggmanland and Bowserland. When Bowser and Eggman depart for the Olympics, Bowser orders Kamek to watch the Koopalings at the castle and takes along his twins, Bowser Jr. and Bowsay. Bowsay isn't interested in going, but Bowser forces her to come because he wants her to make her public appearance. Eggman also takes along Metal Sonic. At the closing ceremony of the Olympics, Eggman turns his Egg Carrier invisible and sticks out a claw in attempt to capture Tails. However, Tails' twin sister, Pumpkin, intervenes. This alarms Eggman, and he accidentally presses the button that turns the Egg Carrier visible. Bowser's Airship Fleet then arrives. Eggman then taunts that he should've won the gold medal, but Sonic says the Olympics are all about having fun. Bowser Jr. then jumps around in excitement, and his father gets mad and grounds him for the rest of the day. Bowser and Eggman then flee back to their base. As soon as they get back, Eggman takes a sample of Pumpkin's blood. He learns that she can see invisibility, not feel pain when she is scared of it, can hear through glass, and can shoot blue flames. After learning this, Eggman is determined to steal Pumpkin's power an use it with his and Bowser's Master Plan. He makes Pumpkin his prisoner and slave. Bowser then wishes his daughter goodnight. Before Bowser can leave, though, Bowsay asks him what he does when his minions mate. Bowser is confused on why Bowsay would ask him such a question. Refusing to reveal the whole truth, Bowser says he exiles his minions who mate. He says children should not be distracted by their parents and parents should not be distracted by their children. Bowsay convinces her father to change the rules since he's leader, but he says the Koopa Troop had been following the same rules for generations, and he must follow them as well in order for the Koopa Troop to not collapse. After the father and daughter wish each other goodnight, Bowser questions himself on how good of a father he's being and is worried that Bowsay is starting to be afraid of him. The next night, Eggman asks Bowser to watch the keys to the prisoners' cells for him. As Eggman goes away, Bowser asks Bowsay to hold the keys for him in attempt to show his daughter that he trusts her. Bowsay accepts it with happiness. Bowser is relieved by this. Later that night, Bowsay happily returns the keys to her father. However, Eggman finds Pumpkin out of her prison cell and captures her again. Eggman, along with Pumpkin in a hovering cage, meets with Bowser. Bowsay is alarmed by Pumpkin kidnapped again, breaks free from her father and frees Pumpkin. (To be continued...)