The Adventures of LuigiMario
Developer(s) Fbpro.png
Publisher(s) Fbpro.png
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
August 29, 2009
Single player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included DS cartridge


One day, Mario and Luigi get a mysterious package from the Mushroom Delivery Postal Services. They open it and inside is an ancient mirror. The mirror sucks up Mario and Luigi and fuses them together to create LuigiMario!!! Then Zowzer kidnaps Princess Whatshername. Then LuigiMario goes to rescue her!!!

Chapter 1: The Big BeginningEdit

LuigiMario goes to Tree Town, only to be stuck at a dead end. LuigiMario has to use a Bob-omb to blow up the wall. However, LuigiMario has to go all the way to Toad Town to buy some. At Toad Town, LuigiMario gets trapped in a cage. However, with the help of Goomer, LuigiMario escapes the cage and runs to Tree Town. But at Tree Town, the wall is now made of metal. Then LuigiMario has to have a builder upgrade his Bob-ombs. Then LuigiMario uses the Metal Bob-ombs to blow up the wall. After going through a dangerous pipe system, he arrives at the Tree Castle. After going through a lot of traps and suprises, LuigiMario encounters the Tree Dragon. After defeating the Tree Dragon, LuigiMario earns the Nature Crystal. 

Chapter 2: Lost In Stone DesertEdit


The treasures.
Chest Name  Money
Redchest.png Iron Gloves $109
Redchest.png Portable Computer $570
Redchest.png Speed Shoes $246
Redchest.png Useless Collection $28
Redchest.png Bouncy Fort $120
Redchest.png Golden Bars $2,000
Redchest.png Fancy Tissue Box $800
Redchest.png Golden Couch $5,000
Redchest.png NES Hyper $8,000
Redchest.png SNES Hyper $15,000
Redchest.png Nintendo 64 Hyper $30,000
Redchest.png Nintendo Gamecube Hyper $50,000
Redchest.png Nintendo Wii Hyper $80,000
Redchest.png Golden Back Scratcher $10,003
Redchest.png Frozen Villager $1,230
Redchest.png Bronze Mustache $1,708
Redchest.png Gumball Machine $203
Redchest.png Electric Eel $99
Redchest.png Nintendo Wee-Wee $6,464
Redchest.png Magical Mirror $99,999
Redchest.png Permanent Glue $1,000
Redchest.png Squirt Bazooka $234
Redchest.png Third Eye $500
Redchest.png Golden Television $9,999
Redchest.png Bumper Coaster $20,000
Redchest.png Fancy Yo-Yo $1,000
Redchest.png Frozen Goomba $107
Redchest.png Joystick $23
Redchest.png Baseball Bat $8
Redchest.png Solar System Diagram $12
Redchest.png Nintendo DSi XL $200
Redchest.png Frozen Fireball $99
Redchest.png Big Frozen Fireball $999
Redchest.png Huge Frozen Fireball $9,999
Redchest.png Golden Juice Box $3,000
Redchest.png Moldy Sponge $12
Redchest.png Chicken Hat $120
Redchest.png Golden Bed $1,200
Redchest.png Car $20,000
Redchest.png Thumbtack Case $200
Redchest.png Legendary Ice Cream $10,000
Redchest.png Huge Booger $3,000
Redchest.png Nature Crystal $0
Redchest.png Stone Crystal $0
Redchest.png Wind Crystal $0
Redchest.png Sand Crystal $0
Redchest.png Electric Crystal $0
Redchest.png Water Crystal $0
Redchest.png Fire Crystal $0
Redchest.png Rainbow Crystal $0
Chest Name Place
Greenchest.png Hammer Tree Town
Greenchest.png Super Jump Stone Shrine
Greenchest.png Backflip Cloud Tops
Greenchest.png Super Hammer Peril Pyramid
Greenchest.png Super Backflip Weird Lab
Greenchest.png Swim Seastar Sea
Greenchest.png Ultra Jump Flame Volcano
Greenchest.png Ultra Hammer Zowzer's Castle

LuigiMario exploring Peril Pyramid