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The Adventures of Lololo! is a platforming fan game produced by Nintendo, HAL Labs, KittySis Inc. and Super Jump Punch! Games that is made for the Nintendo 3DS. Although based on an Eggerland series, it was set on Kirby's Dreamland.

Following a series of news regarding surprising announcements from both US Games Challenge! 2012 and the first issue of the Super Jump Punch! magazine in 2013, the game was revealed on December 17, 2013, at the US Games Challenge! event itself, with the official site launching soon after.

Based on the first preview, various characters from the Kirby series would appear in this game. Instead of Kirby, the main protagonist is Lololo, who is playable since Eggerland. Unlike his early counterpart, Lololo can walk, jump, and fly, like his anime counterpart.


Lololo and Lalala enjoyed their lives, until King Dedede snatches her and it's up to Lololo to save her!

Playable Characters

  1. Lololo
  2. Lalala (after beating the game the first time)


  1. Waddle Dee
  2. Waddle Doo
  3. Poppy Bro Jr.
  4. Blocky
  5. Alma
  6. Blocky
  7. Sir Kibble


  1. Jackie and Jillie
  2. Whispy Woods
  3. Golem King
  4. Meta Knight
  5. King Dedede


  • Kirby made a cameo appearance as a member of the audience during the King Dedede's final boss battle.
    • Alma, from Eggarland, also made a surprise appearance as a common enemy.
  • The very first time Lololo or Lalala does a Kirby dance.
  • Lololo and Lalala's designs are based on their Kirby Super Star design.
  • The models of Lololo and Lalala were later used in Kirby Triple Deluxe.

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