The Adventures of Crack: The Total Havoc
Developer(s) R-STUDIOS (Wii u)

Rublitendo Studios

Publisher(s) Nintendo, Hal Labolatory
Platform(s) WII U, Nintendo Retro System
Release Date(s)



Age Rating(s)


NA: ESRB Rating Pending

Genre(s) 3D Platform, Adventure
Series Crack (Series)
Predecessor The Adventures of Crack: Spirits' Revenge
Successor TBA
Media Included WII U Disc, NRS Disc
 The Adventures of Crack: The Total Havoc is 3D Platform Adventure developed by R-Studios and published by Nintendo and HAL Labolatory for Wii U and NRS. it was Scheduled for 2016. The game's complete name is a parody of "Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc" a 2003 Video Game


TAoC:TTH takes place on the City in Micropunk isle on Planet Popstar. An intro video shows that Minions of Clandy the Black Dr. Plans to Invade Micropunk Isle. When has a Idea. begins Turns Lighting Little fairies at Night into Mechanical Dangerus Creatures. initially mechLarry. The Leader of Lighting Little fairies has Becomed into Mechanical Creature now is main Angonist. Level Starts at a 1st World Called "Micropunk Isle". in TAoC:TTH players control the player-character Crack and Bluey the Blue Kirby who has several catch phrases that he says based on players' actions. Crack is able to walk in a straight Platform only, requiring players to take time to turn in order to go in a Perfect direction. He can jump high, glide, and swim in certain levels. He defeats enemies by jumping and Attacking or Using Weapons. and he has a health system consisting of Ten health points called "Crystal health" The game consists of 38. Crack has an oxygen bar that depletes over time and his gliding action is replaced by a jetting dive which makes him swim faster, but depletes oxygen Slower levels, players can collect items called "Crystals" if players collect 2150 of them, they will go to a bonus round with Crystals and Red Health to Collect Concept art, Voices, Bonus Videos and Minigames in this game. Crack has a Power Ups ex. Orange Ballon, Electro-Rocket, Diamoid Fist, or Tornado Laser. Crack Too Have Scream Mask to Scream Metal fairies to Become Lighting Little fairies and Gives Health (After Defeat the Lord Hongoxer 1st Boss).




  • Honston the Toad (Appears only in World 1)
  • Moogie Roogie
  • Dr. Ivo Yoh-Botnik
  • Tooiya (In-game Cutscene)
  • Mehlarry (Normal Form)
  • Dr. Von Pheu
  • Dr. Smashaua
  • Dr. Oogie
  • Hanaguta (In-Game Cutscene Only)

Enemies and Bosses\Mini-Bosses

  • Crealideroonger
  • Crealiboom
  • Crealideroonger officer
  • Metal Spinn'
  • Mackler
  • MashDash
  • NetaLegs/Master Dello
  • Favimetrix
  • Crealstormer
  • Stickboom
  • Croodoo
  • Giga-Brain Monster
  • The Rabbit wizard
  • Mr. What
  • Prim Creeper
  • Prim
  • Hogspikes
  • Predit (imperishable)
  • Lord Hongoxer
  • Auto-pock Tank
  • Clandy the Black Dr. (Secret Final Boss)
  • MechLarry (Main Angonist)


  • How to Destroy Crack: Volume 510
  • How to Destroy Crack: Volume 511
  • How to Destroy Crack: Volume 512
  • How to Destroy Crack: Volume 513
  • How to Destroy Crack: Volume 514
  • How to Destroy Crack: Volume 515
  • How to Destroy Crack: Volume 516
  • How to Destroy Crack: Volume 517
  • How to Destroy Crack: Volume 518
  • How to Destroy Crack: Volume 519
  • How to Destroy Crack: Volume 520


  • 16-Bit Maddnes
  • Bomb Jump
  • Crash
  • Mr. What's Circus
  • Guard
  • Eletronic missile
  • Balloons
  • Mighty Riders
  • Captain

Concept Art

  • Original Production
  • Bosses
  • The Heart of Universe
  • Unnamed Creature
  • Beta Mushroom Forests
  • Beta Power-Ups
  • Beta Boss Concept: Mutant Dodo
  • Metal Planet
  • More Comming Soon!


  • The Night Starts as Nightmare.
  • Dr. Von Pheu Takes Drastic Measures
  • the Idol of Mr. What and Rabbit Wizard
  • Dr. Smashaua Gets Jump
  • Hanaguta's Power
  • mechlarry Temps Lord Hongoxer
  • Robotic Creation.
  • The Power of Ganggo
  • Wandering Hemlet


World 1: Micropunk isle

  • Begins
  • Lighting Little fairies' Labolatory
  • Who dance Here?

Mushroom Forests

  • Firstime Adventure
  • The Underground Cave
  • Warehouse of Weapons
  • Boss: NegaLegs

The Lost Bog

  • Don't Turn me into Rabbit! (Boss: The Rabbit Wizard)
  • the Dark Oddyssey
  • Mole Dark
  • Mr. What's Mansion (Boss Mr. What)

The Lost World of Toasters

  • Silent Forest
  • Silent Town
  • Silent waterfall
  • Underwater Silent (Boss: Giga-Brain Monster)

Predits' Desert

  • it Burns!
  • Giant Hanaguta Statue
  • Operation: Eggball
  • The Acient Arena (Boss: Lord Hongoxer)

The Cloud Kingdom

  • Collecting a Clouds 1
  • Collecting a Clouds 2
  • Collecting a Clouds 3
  • Island is Comming (defend the Plane)

The Screaming Hills

  • Try Again to Climb!
  • still Above
  • and even the most!
  • Minecart Ride at the Mine

Dark Factory

  • Where i'm?
  • To Hot...
  • Friendly Things...
  • the Emerald Rampage (Boss: Auto-pock Tank)
  • The Great Escape

The Tower of Death

  • This Thing Where not are
  • Escape to Top of the Tower
  • Flight in the Clockwork Inside
  • The Death Lord is here! (Boss: Lord Hongoxer Rematch)
  • The Planteful Planet (Final Boss: Lord Hongoxer: The second form)

Clandy's Lair

  • The Real The End? (Secret Final Boss: Clandy the Black Dr.)

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