The Adventures Of Waddle Dee is a RPG for the Nintendo 3DS that will be released in 2017.
The Adventures Of Waddle Dee
The Adventures Of Waddle Dee Alpha Cover

Alpha Cover

Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) RPG
Series The Adventures Of Waddle Dee
Cost 30 Dollars OR 3392.96 Yen OR 0.07 Bitcoins OR 133,517.29 Dogecoins.


One day on pop star waddle dee goes for a walk with kirby. Suddenly, Kirby is taken away by a force of evil known as The Blueflame Empire.




Name Photo Ability First Introduced Price Type
Spear (Bar)
This item increases ATK but reduces SPD. It does 50 DMG. Green Greens 50 waddle tokens, or 1 playcoin. Weapon
Parasol Ability Star
This item increases DEF, but reduces SPD. It does 25 DMG. Candy Mountain 100 waddle tokens or 2 playcoins. Weapon


On September 28, 2016, the offical Nintendo Of America twitter account tweeted a post revealing a new Kirby game, and the cancelation of The Adventures Of Waddle Dee. Fans speculate this change may only take place in the USA because other offical nintendo accounts haven't tweeted this yet.

The tweet

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