The Adventures of Mario and Sonic is a TV Series that is going to appear on spike . The show follows the two brothers named mario and sonic

List of Episodes

Season 1

Mario and Sonic

The Two Brothers Mario and Sonic win a dream vacation, but when bowser and eggman try to destroy them. Mario and Sonic must lay aside the Vacation and stop Bowser and Eggman. 

Those Days

When Magikoopa hits mario with a Curse that will make him die, its up to Sonic to find the seven Chaos Emeralds To Revive His Brother mario and save him

Toooo Slow

When Mario and Sonic are hit with a Slow Ray By Bowser and Eggman.Len and Justin has only 24 hours to get the speed juce to revive Mario and Sonics Natural speed before they looses it forever.

When the Girl of your dreams is gone.....

When the two sisters Princess Peach and Sally fall in love with two other boys, its up to Mario and Sonic to win them over in a Romantic Duel with these men.

The Famly wars

When the two bros Tails and Luigi's place is crushed, and with Luigi and Tails's cousin coming. Mario and Sonic must shelter Tails and Luigi while pretending that Tails and Luigi are rich and Mario and Sonic are there Buttlers

Mobian Pie

When Mario and Sonic's Friends fell left out when they see them spending more time with Each other. So they team up with other friends to split the two apart.

Shadow the Headgehog

Shadow needs marios help to unlock his past by getting the 7 chaos emeralds Since he cant remember his past because of his amnesia it was later revealed that he was setting him up to give him power to take over the world while marios other brothers are at a rumble

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