The Acebreaker
Artwork by Exotoro (tbc)
Current Age Indefinite
Gender Male
Species None
Location Zaxina's Core
Current Status Unknown
Family and Relations
First Appearance None

The Acebreaker is the final foe of the Zaxina timeline, and is perhaps the most threatening foe to date in that isolated universe, even more so than its "brother", Fandraxono.

He is one of the three beasts that form the true God, Zyvoline.


The Acebreaker is incredible in its amount of abilities, able to grab almost anything in its hands and smash them about with undefined powers. The body of the beast reaches very high temperatures, and touching him causes a sheer amount of pain due to the intense heat. It wields much of Fandraxono's abilities, able to use darkness to its advantage, but can use the powers of those it has absorbed.

This beast has a power that none other can possess: The power to wipe the universe clean, including itself, with a wave of the head hanging from the chest. This amount of power is enough to show that the Acebreaker is not one to be messed with, but must be defeated before it realizes such powers.


The Acebreaker is completely and utterly broken personality wise. It cannot think rationally, and most of its attacks and commands are random and non inspired. It can take bits of personalities of those it consumes, but those often make its thoughts worse and prevents it from doing anything that it wishes to do. It always wishes, and audibly says, to be free from the mess that it has become, but has no way to split without taking much pain into account.



  • The Acebreaker is actually formed off a dream; a miscellaneous part of it had the creator assembling different arts together, forming something quite disturbing.  The result, in real life, became this.

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