The Abstraction is a mysterious magical event that caused random effects to the inhabitants of and locations on Earth, and split the planet into a number of islands. It is a major event in the Abstractverse timeline.


The Abstraction is the result of years of experimentation from the Third Layer into ways of removing the barrier between the layers; when they attempted to use a Runic Machine to destroy the barrier between the Layers, the blast instead shot an extraordinary amount of Runic Energy through the Second Layer and out into the First Layer, bringing with it a large amount of Mana from the Second Layer. The force of the explosion was enough to tear the Earth into pieces, and cause various magical effects to manifest for all of those in the radius.

Effects of the Abstraction



  • Vassal: Had his colour removed, appearing only as monochrome
  • Aurelia: Had her colour removed, appearing only as monochrome
  • Blaise: TBA
  • Mai: Merged with a computer, becoming a complex AI
  • Tiamat: Turned into a Water Sprite

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