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Fantendo Pillar 1

Pillar one

The 3 Pillars of Fantendo are the 3 pillars of the gods/leaders.


Pillar one holds a stone of light and power, the stone is capable of shocking the Fantendo Multiverse. Pillar two holds a stone of energy and fire, that stone could burn the whole Fantendo Multiverse. Pillar three holds a stone of time and space, it's able to destroy the whole Fantendo Multiverse

Pillar one is called Mukrch

Pillar two is called Hone

Pillar three is called Fruma


Astoy: The 1st pillar stone, can shock the whole Fantendo Multiverse

Muki: The 2nd pillar stone, can burn the whole Fantendo Multiverse

Flosina: The 3rd pillar stone, can wipe out the whole Fantendo Multiverse

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