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That is a Prom-ise is the 5th episode of Skip and Sqak XD. It aired on September 28 2013. The story is when Galaxian High is having a prom and Sqak tries to ask Tara to go with him.


  • SSFF
  • WASP
  • GIRL
  • RAVI
  • Queen Kaida
  • Dr. Tron
  • Hip and Hop
  • Captain Salt
  • Koo Koo Klux


During class, Captain Salt announces on the PA reminding everyone about the upcoming prom tomorrow night. The entire GIRL Team gets excited, even Peachy who asks Tubby to go to Prom with her, but he backs out. Sqak wants his prom night to be perfect since he might finally get Tara to like him before Ravi does. As the bell rings, Skip, Croco, Imp, Tubby, Dib and Stingo are called to go to Salt's office.

The 6 go down to the office, where Salt tells them they are chosen to make a new accessories for the prom. The six boys decide to create a guy's scent only for boys to wear; and they make it out of pizza sauce, taco, cheese burger and french fries. Imp wants to test out the new spray, and the six of them all love the smell. Suddenly, a little blob starts licking Imp and then a horde of blobs appear and attack the boys, as their new scent attracts them.

Sqak goes to Tara's dorm to do their homework together but realizes Ravi is doing it with her. Later Sqak goes to talk to Tara who's sitting by herself at Campus, and asks what she thinks of him. Tara answered: "Your a very great guy. You're brave, funny, and never give your hopes up", which Sqak agrees with her. Suddenly, Ravi gives Tara a bouquet of flowers only for Tara to get attacked by bees when she held the bouquet and breaks Ravi's deal about going to the prom with him. Sqak, overjoyed to hear this, was about to ask out Tara but before he can say it he remembers how Tara is being stressed and he walks away.

Meanwhile, Skip, Dib, Croco, Imp, Tubby and Stingo are hiding inside a shed from the blobs. When Stingo goes out to see if the coast is clear, he sees all the blobs staring at him and he runs back into the shed. Tubby asks "When will they ever leave?", and Imp suggests they need to find another way out of the shed. They see a hole on the roof, but because it's so high they have to stack on top of each other. Imp reaches to the top, with Skip, Tubby, Croco and Stingo have to run through vicious blobs.

At the prom, Tara is sitting by herself while the others dance and hang around. Sqak doesn't see Ravi anywhere, so he decides to talk to Tara if she wants to dance with him but she is waiting for Ravi to get out of the mens room. As Ravi and Tara danced, a heartbroken Sqak sits on the table by himself. He sees Skip, Croco, Dib, Imp, Tubby and Stingo completely mauled and sprayed their new scent on Ravi, which attracts all the blobs who attack Ravi.

Everyone at the prom laughs at Ravi as the blobs chewed up his clothes with him completely naked, even in front of Tara.

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