Soon you will be Infected...or die!! (Evil laugh)
Textreme (Fantendo:Infected)

His appearence. He look like Fawful.
Full Name Textreme, the Mastermind
Current Age 9 years old.
Gender Male
Location N/A
Current Status Alive, even when defeated.
Class Mastermind, Genius, Co-Scientifist.
His own army.
Family and Relations
His father.
Main Weapon(s) Bang Blaster. (To-Do certain attacks.)
Ability/ies Summon the Nego, Darkness and Lightings, control the other characters, create more Infecteriors.
Vulnerable To His ultimate attack, the Great Dark Blast.
Infecterior Mastermind
First Appearance Fantendo:Infected
Latest Appearance Fantendo:Infected

Textreme' is a malevolent brain-damaged boy who want to use the Infecteriors to destroy Fantendo. The origin of his madness is that he have a father who have been betrayed by his most trusted friend. (It's not Marth.) He is the Mastermind of his army and engaged Oldton and Clarx to help him. His floating machine, the Nego, is very performent and help him to float around. He appeared once again in Fantendo:Pokémon-Formation. He have been transformed into a Genosect.

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