Tetris Attack DX
Tetris Attack DX U
The American boxart of this game.

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Developer(s) GreenStar Studios


Publisher(s) GreenStar Studios


Platform(s) Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

Release Date(s)
TBA 2014
Single Player

Multiplayer Online Play

Age Rating(s)
ESRB - Everyone


Genre(s) Puzzle
Series Tetris, Yoshi's Cookie, Yoshi & Mario, Dr. Mario, Yoshi (SNES), Tetris DS
Predecessor Tetris Attack (SNES)
Media Included Wii U Disk

3DS Cardidge

Tetris Attack DX is an upcomming Nintendo Wii U and a Nintendo 3DS game developed by GreenStar Studios and Nintendo. It will be released around in 2014. This game is a spin-off and a succesor of the original game Tetris Attack for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, including Yoshi as the main character. In this game, Lakitu and Baby Yoshi also returns in this game as unlockables, exclusive Mario and Luigi as starters and Bowser as the main villain. This game also includes a bunch of puzzle games such as Tetris, Yoshi's Cookie, Yoshi (SNES), Yoshi & Mario, Dr. Mario and Tetris DS.



In a sunny day in Yoshi's Island, Yoshi, Mario and Luigi are waiting for Princess Peach to a safari tour with Toadsworth and Toadbert as guide. When the visitors arrive in there, they met each other and they go. In the middle of the guide, a strange cloud is hiding the warm fine sun and sudden, they are falling colorful, big and geomatric stones off the air. It was really dangerous! With panic, Mario and the others are hiding in a big cave but it was a trap. There was Bowser hiding in the cave with Bowser Jr.. What a irritating giant fat turtle! Bowser Jr. updated his new Clown Copter. His "toy" haves now a giant stone cannon and 6 mechanic arms. With these evil gimmicks, he captured Peach to the hands of the evil king Bowser. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi dashes immediately to catch Bowser before he's gone with her but unfortunately, Bowser Jr. attcaked them with his stoneblaster. Mario and the others are flying on air with panic very far away.

In the middle of the forest, everyone was lied on the grass and Luigi was into the tree. It was painful and ... painful. Yoshi woke up as first and then Mario and all the others. Luigi falled off of the tree and landed on Mario's head. Toadsworth founded funny but Mario not. With Yoshi's energy, Mario's courage, Luigi's flexability, Toadsworth's efforts and Toadbert's brain, it will be easy, or not, to beat Bowser and rescue Peach. With all this rumble, the heros are ready to goooo.....


The game plays like other Mario puzzle games. 




  • Story Mode: Rescue the princess and clean all this bazaar in Yoshi's Island!
  • Free Play: Play your game modes free!
    • Tetris: Feeling retro? Place all the puzzles to not getting high. Get to Level 100 to complete all the modes.
      • Classic Mode: Play classic without items and gimmicks!
      • Advanced Mode: Are you being a pro? Try it more harder with this mode!
      • Extreme Mode: Feeling high today? Play Tetris with items and gimmicks with rage!
      • Challenge Mode: Feeling also challenging? Play this with challanges!
    • Yoshi's Cookie: How about cooking virtualy? Match all the cookies to make baked cookies and give it to all the Yoshi's. Get to Level 100 to complete all the modes!
      • Classic Mode
      • Advanced Mode 
      • Extreme Mode
      • Challenge Mode
    • Yoshi's Puzzle Game: Do you want a Baby Yoshi as an domestic animal? Try it to making one by matching Boos, Goombas, Bloopers and Piranha Plants in one egg to make Yoshi's.
      • Classic Mode
      • Advanced Mode
      • Extreme Mode
      • Challenge Mode
    • Tetris Attack: Do you find Tetris harder? Try then this by matching comparable, colorful blocks to not getting higher.
      • Classic Mode
      • Extreme Mode 
      • Stress Mode: They are many of them. Try to get an every high-score to win within limit of 50 secs. How more your comobos grow, how more the special move grows higher.
      • Challenge Mode
    • Dr. Mario: Play Dr. Mario with medicine pils to defeat the virus in the game.
      • Classic Mode
      • Advanced Mode
      • Extreme Mode
      • Challenge Mode
  • Online Play: In this mode, you can play worldwide against the world with various modes.
  • Options
  • Records


Playable Characters


Image + Name: Description: Puzzle Type: Special Move: Alternate Outfit 



Avaiable in Story Mode 

Mario is the main hero of Mushroom Kingdom. He saved her damsel-distressed, a million time of the claws of his arch-nemesis Bowser. Burn When his gauge is activated, Mario will be Fire Mario and throws fireballs at the puzzle pieces in all the modes.


Dr. Mario



Avaiable in Story Mode

Luigi is Mario little brother. He looks a coward like that but he's always on his brother's side for help. Thunder When his gauge is activated, Luigi uses his Poltergust to vaccum the puzzle pieces in all the modes.

Dr. Luigi Artwork - Dr. Luigi

Dr. Luigi

150p-Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour


Avaiable in Story Mode

Yoshi is a hungry dino who likes eat everything. He's also Mario's buddy and he likes to go on adventure with him. Egg When the gauge is activated, Yoshi can eat 5 puzzle pieces and lay these eggs. Then, he throws these eggs on the puzzle pieces. Yoshi has 3 colors: Cyan, Yellow and Pink.

Unlockables in Story Mode

Unlockable Characters

These are unlockable characters in other modes.







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