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Tetra Y.png
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Availability Starter
Status Newcomer
Series The Legend of Zelda
Tetra is a newcomer character to Super Smash Bros. Y, designed to represent the "Toon Link" era of the Zelda series. Her moveset is primarily based off of items from said games, most notably her debut game, Wind Waker.


Stated to be a replacement character for veteran smasher Toon Link, Tetra possesses similar stats and is classfied as a speedy, lightweight character. However, unlke Toon Link, Tetra focuses more on her air game than her ground game, and possesses a greater ranged focus due to her enhanced roster of projectiles (Light Arrows, attacks from her Cannon move, Boko Baba seeds obtained through her Spoils Bag move, and a projectile bomb used in her forward smash). Tetra also lacks Toon Link's bomb recovery abilities, though can still make use of the Hookshot for tether recovery.


Normal Moves

Standard Moves

Move Description
Neutral Combo Tetra swings her cutlass forward twice, then brings it down quickly.
Side Tilt Tetra quickly stabs forward with her cutlass.
Up Tilt Tetra sweeps over her head with her cutlass.
Down Tilt Tetra performs a small spin attack with her cutlass. Hits both sides of her.
Dash Attack Tetra fires the Hookshot down at her feet. Enemies struck by the attack are thrown behind her.

Smash Attacks

Move Description
Up Smash Tetra swings the Grappling Hook over her head. Enemies hit by the attack are caught by the hook and thrown forwards.
Side Smash Tetra throws a bomb forward. Speed and range depend on charge time.
Down Smash Tetra performs a small spin attack with her cutlass. Hits both sides of her.


Move Description
Grab Tetra fires the Hookshot forward. Can be used for tether recovery.
Pummel Tetra kicks the opponent's legs.
Up Throw Tetra knocks the opponent into the air with a small uppercut.
Forward Throw Tetra spins her cutlass rapidly in her hand, dealing fast amounts of damage before launching the opponent.
Down Throw Tetra jumps upward into the air and spikes the opponent from above.
Back Throw Tetra performs a sweeping kick that knocks the opponent behind her.

Aerial Attacks

Move Description
Neutral Air Tetra spins around in the air, cutlass extended.
Front Air Tetra swings the Spoils Bag in front of her. Can meteor smash opponents.
Back Air Tetra kicks backwards.
Up Air Tetra sweeps her cutlass over her head.
Down Air Tetra plunges to the ground, stabbing downward with her cutlass.

Special Moveset

Tetra's Special Moves
Button Used Neutral Special Side Special Up Special Down Special Final Smash
B Light Arrow Pirate Rush Catapult Cannon Goddess Pearls
X Spoils Bag Reaction Grappling Hook Wind Waker Phantom Hourglass

Light Arrow is Tetra's neutral B. The Light Arrows have been seen in many Zelda games, though these take their specific appearances from Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks. In Smash, Tetra pulls out a bow and fires off a Light Arrow when the move is used. It works similarly to Link's Bow, but flies perfectly straight and deals more damage. It also must be fully charged before firing.

Pirate Rush is Tetra's side B. While the move itself is unique to Smash, it was partially inspired by an attack used by Jolene, a recurring character/boss in Phantom Hourglass. When used, Tetra charges forward while sweeping her cutlass downward. Holding B enables the player to stall the attack, causing the move to gain range and power until released.

Catapult is Tetra's up B. The move takes its inspiration from the catapult seen on Tetra's ship in both Wind Waker and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the general effect of the move has been taken from the latter. When used, the catapult appears under Tetra, launching her in an arc up into the air. Unlike the catapult from Brawl, the arc is almost entirely vertical as opposed to horizontal.

Cannon is Tetra's down B, and is an attack of completely original design. While the player holds down B, a cannon spawns underneath Tetra and begins charging. When B is released, the cannon fires a highly explosive bomb. The attack has a fixed range and angle.

Spoils Bag is Tetra's neutral X, and is based off of the Wind Waker-exclusive item. In its original appearance, the Spoils Bag held items dropped by enemies, but in Smash, Tetra uses it to use said items. Upon hitting X, Tetra will rummage in the bag for a few seconds before pulling out an item, which will affect her stats for a short period. Getting hit during the rummaging animation cancels the move.

The items that can be taken from the bag include:

  • Joy Pendant: Temporarily lowers Tetra's air speed, making it easier to recover but harder to attack in the air.
  • Skull Necklace: Temporarily increases Tetra's weight, making it harder to be KOd but lowering her speed and jump height.
  • Boko Baba Seed: Can be thrown as an item. Explodes into a cloud of poison on contact.
  • Knight's Crest: Increases Tetra's speed drastically, but lowers defense and attack. Contact with enemies during this state deals damage.
  • Red Chu Jelly: Restores 30% damage. Rarer than usual.
  • Green Chu Jelly: Amps up Tetra's power and knockback for a short period. Rarer than usual.
  • Blue Chu Jelly: Combined effects of Red and Green Chu Jelly. Very rare.
  • Golden Feather: Grants Tetra 3 additional jumps while active for a grand total of 5 jumps. Very rare.

Reaction is Tetra's side X, and is based off of the "A" action commands from Wind Waker, in which the A button would appear when an enemy was about to strike and Link could dodge or counter the attack. In Smash, Tetra rolls forward upon hitting X. If she is struck by an opponent during the roll, she will either dodge behind them to attack or leap over them and strike them on the head, the specific counter used being determined by the angle of the attack she was hit by.

Grappling Hook is Tetra's up X. While the item has been used in both Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, the move's usage was actually inspired by the Rope item from the CDi trilogy of Zelda games. When used, Tetra will fire the Grappling Hook up a good distance directly above her, pulling her upwards even if the hook did not latch onto a ledge or other object. However, missing puts her into a helpless state, further hindering her recovery.

Wind Waker is Tetra's down X. While Tetra has never used the titular instrument, it was a prominent item both story and gameplay-wise in her debut game. When used, Tetra will play the Wind's Requiem song, the first of many songs obtained for the instrument. This creates a small tornado around Tetra as long as she plays the song, which reflects projectiles and turns around opponents that contact it.

Goddess Pearls is Tetra's primary Final Smash, and is an attack of original design. Upon pressing B, Tetra summons the three Goddess Pearls, which form a triangle around her. Tetra then transforms into her Toon Zelda persona as the triangle is filled in with a Triforce-shaped barrier. The triangle then begins rotating, and the three pearls begin firing out laser beams that rotate with it, which deal heavy damage on contact. The barrier remains active for approximately 6 seconds before disappearing.

Phantom Hourglass is Tetra's secondary Final Smash, and is based off the titular item from the similarly-named game. Upon pressing X, Tetra will pull the hourglass out of the Spoils Bag and activate it, completely freezing time and turning everything but Tetra and her teammates monochrome. This leaves Tetra free to navigate the stage and attack opponents as she pleases, building up knockback by repeatedly attacking frozen enemies. The pause effect ends after 10 seconds or if Tetra is somehow KOd during the Final Smash.

Related Trophies

  • Tetra (Clear Classic Mode with character)
    • TBA
  • Tetra (Alt.) (Clear Adventure Mode with character)
    • TBA
  • Goddess Pearls (Clear All-Star Mode with character)
    • TBA
  • Phantom Hourglass (Clear Infinite Smash with character)
    • TBA
  • Toon Zelda (Random Unlock)
    • TBA
  • Linebeck and Ciela (Random Unlock)
    • TBA
  • Bellum (Random Unlock)
    • TBA
  • Pirate Ship (Obtain an Event Invitation on the Pirate Ship stage)
    • TBA
  • Toon Ganondorf (Clear All-Star Mode as all Zelda characters)
    • TBA

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