Test Rita Vela is the 1st child of Durak and his only daughter. She is 20 years old, and is known as a rival to Princess Peach.


Super Epica 64 and forward.


She is known worldwide for her extreme intelligence, though she hardly ever uses it towards inventions. She is definitely smarter than her father (a running joke in the creator's community is that Test comes up with all of Durak's plans) and is usually able to spot her father and brothers mistakes. She tends to be very arrogant, especially towards other women in relation to Mario or Luigi.

Relationship to the other Siblings

Alberto- She treats him like he's mentally handicapped.

Drake- Doesn't identify with him.

Rocky- Thinks he's insane.

Joaquin- Manipulates him.

Tiger- Neutral.

Reiki- Envies him.

Durak Jr.- Is to Jr. as Iggy is to Lemmy.

Physical Appearance

She is described by Toad as a hideous woman. Often, when she is seen by many, she is ridiculed for her looks. She is actually pretty when compared to Cackletta before she was revived. However, due to her being taller even than Durak and her having viper-like eyes and fangs, she is regarded as intimidating. Her dark orange skin and long forked tail also add to her intimidation factor. She shares her forked tail with Durak Jr.


She is usually seen throwing explosive blasts at her enemies. When close enough, she uses her tail as a whip. She can break walls with her tail.

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