Tess 2017
Tess, the Persona Machine
Full Name Tess Slater
Current Age 19 (immortal due to genetic mutations)
Date of Birth September 01
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Female
Species Martian
Location Sector Alpha (Mars)
Align Protagonist
Current Status Alive
Class Middle Class
Family and Relations
Tiffany (daughter)
Taron (persona), Vermilion (persona), Grieve (persona)
Main Weapon(s) None
Laser Gun
Ability/ies Persona Replication
Melee Combat
Vulnerable To Contradictions
Height 5'11"
Your local psychopath, at your service.

 Tess Slater was originally introduced as the main protagonist of the Radioactive video game. She originates from Mars, and is a martian. Despite not knowing much of her origins, she's from Sector Alpha on the planet, but doesn't understand what that means specifically. Tess is known for her various personalities, some of which have disconnected from her being and lived out their own lives. It is unknown how many personas dwell within Tess, but it is likely there are hundreds if not thousands.

She was reintroduced onto the wiki with a new series called Tessellate, which launched on her birthday, introducing her daughter, Tiffany. The series currently has two titles, with a third scheduled. A novel based on Tess is also in the works, however, it will more than likely not be on the wiki.


Tess originates from the non-fictional planet named Mars, which is the fourth planet from the sun in the solar system. Moments after her birth, Mars begins to plummet time after time and ultimately loses its resources, which leads to the planet being forced to evacuate. The Martians quickly rush to find escape pods which will transport them to the nearest and most secure planet, however when Tess' family finally reach one, there is only space for one of them to leave, forcing them to choose Tess' safety over theirs. 

Tess is placed in the escape pod and manages to escape Mars, just as several explosions from atomic bombs are detonated back on Mars. She rides through space and ages heavily due to the Radiation caused by the bombings, and she suddenly crash lands in a strange environment, coincidentally destroying a diamond dome whilst doing so. She creates a crevice in the dome which allows the remaining fighters in the tournament to escape, creating a huge uproar among the viewers and regulators behind the tournament, also angering Grieve, the master behind the tournament.


Tess' personality is split in various different ways. She has a lot of alternate personalities which all have unique characteristics and traits which makes them differ from her standard self. It is also known that some of her personalities have grown away from her, and become their own individual being, living their own lives. Significant personalities may have their own articles in the future depending on the amount of content available.


Tess has a range of abilities. She is very skilled in fighting, and knows many different martial arts. She also has access to a large range of weapons, which she can use whenever she feels need be, however, she does prefer arm-to-arm combat. 


Here is a list of Tess' appearances in projects.


Despite generally not being canon to Tess' timeline, a lot of what happened in the story is still canon to her timeline. For example, crash landing on Earth, genetic mutations caused by the Radioactive waste, and a lot of other smaller facts about her. However, the title itself shouldn't be considered canon, and instead these events on their own should be.


Tess appears as one of the main characters in the game, despite not appearing until the very end of the game's story. Tess explains that she created the radioactive creatures to put Tiffany, her daughter, to the test, to see if she was really worthy of being associated with Tess. After being defeated, Tess admits her intentions behind creating Tiffany, before being interrupted by Kimiko arriving to rescue Tiffany. The two leave, and Tiffany shoots at the building where Tess was, hoping to kill her. 

It is revealed at the end of the chapter that Tess survived the rubble, and was saved by an unknown person. 

Tessellate: Bad Luck

Tess returns in the sequel, Bad Luck. She is discovered by Tiffany which shocks her, as she presumed she was dead by the falling rubble. They decide to travel together to escape Pader City, which eventually draws Tiffany to forgive her mother for abandoning her. After a bomb detonation in an army base, Tiffany is put into a coma. Tess reveals she has a secret to tell Tiffany when she wakes up in her dream.

Tessellate: Mind Games



Tess' relationship with Vermilion is very complex. It seems as though the two get along, even being sworn enemies of each other, this is most likely due to the connection they have together, as Vermilion is one of Tess' personas. 


Grieve is the pure evil within Tess, separated into a different persona of demented darkness. Tess and Grieve do not get along at all, and Tess hates him for the evil he has left within her normal being. 


Tiffany is Tess' genetically created daughter, who initially despised her for ditching her as a kid. Now the two get along decently, and don't bother each other too much. Tess is gradually trying to become a better mother to her.


Leire is Tess' initial partner in crime, for unknown reasons. Leire used to do all she could to help Tess to achieve her plans, but later decides to prioritise looking after Tiffany instead. 


Tess has been very positively received by the community, often being used in various fan works across the community and she was voted as the runner-up to the best Fantendo character of 2015.



  • Tess was the first official Radioactive original character.
  • Unknowningly, her backstory mimics Unten's, as they both crash land on Earth.
  • Tess shares a lot of similarities to the author's own portrayal of himself, also stating that all of Tess' alternate personalities reflect a persona of his as well.
  • Tess was often used as Illusion Works' mascot. 
  • Her natural hair colour was black, but has been dyed to purple/pink.
  • She knows a number of martial arts, including Karate, Aikido, Judo, and Krav Maga.
  • She is right handed.

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