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Full Name Tess Slater
Current Age 24 (Human)
Date of Birth September 01
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Female
Species Martian
Location Sector Alpha (Mars)
Align Protagonist
Current Status Alive
Class Middle Class
Main Weapon(s) None
Laser Gun
Element(s) Destruction
Ability/ies Persona Replication
Vulnerable To Contradictions
Height 5'11"
First Appearance Radioactive
Latest Appearance Tessellate
Family and Relations
Vermilion (enemy) Tiffany (daughter)
The Grandmaster of all things evil...

Tess was the main protagonist in the Radioactive series and the Vermilion series. She originates from the planet Mars, and is part of the Martian race, however it is unknown from where on the planet she comes from. Tess is known for her various personalities, which have all become known and recognised in their own right. In her normal form, she has lilac shaded hair with a rose pink fringe at the front of her head. She wears a red, black and white dress with thick black platform boots.

Since her debut, Tess has appeared in several titles across the spectrum, including Fantendo Sports Resort, Fantendo - GaidenRadioactive Remastered and Melting. She was rebooted on her birthday, September 1, through the complete release of Tessellate, focusing on the relationship between her and her genetically-created daughter, Tiffany.


Tess originates from the non-fictional planet named Mars, which is the fourth planet from the sun in the solar system. Moments after her birth, Mars begins to plummet time after time and ultimately loses its resources, which leads to the planet being forced to evacuate. The Martians quickly rush to find escape pods which will transport them to the nearest and most secure planet, however when Tess' family finally reach one, there is only space for one of them to leave, forcing them to choose Tess' safety over theirs. 

Tess is placed in the escape pod and manages to escape Mars, just as several explosions from atomic bombs are detonated back on Mars. She rides through space and ages heavily due to the Radiation caused by the bombings, and she suddenly crash lands in a strange environment, coincidentally destroying a diamond dome whilst doing so. She creates a crevice in the dome which allows the remaining fighters in the tournament to escape, creating a huge uproar among the viewers and regulators behind the tournament, also angering the puppet-master.


Tess' personality is split in various different ways. She has a lot of alternate personalities which all have unique characteristics and traits which makes them differ from her standard self. Significant personalities may have their own articles in the future depending on the amount of content available.


Tess' personality is a preppy young girl who enjoys to spend time on her own, often with a book or two to do some studying for her classes. She is very driven and focused on achieving her potential in these classes, but often finds herself distracted when she is accompanied by the many friends she has. Whilst having all these friends, she still feels alone in every circumstance, and finds it hard to open up to people or have a preferred "best" friend. 

However, since she learned about her alternate personalities, she has become darker and more sinister, taking after her evil personality, Grieve. However, unlike Grieve, she still knows right from wrong in this mood.


Taron is a version of Tess that takes over more when she is alone and in company of no one else. Taron is a collection of those thoughts of loneliness and isolation that she feels occasionally in human form. Taron is a very shy and lonely character, who never has a real determined personality other than those few traits. 

Taron is shown a lot in the opening of Melting, and he sacrifices himself for Grieve in order for the ultimate plan to take over the universe to kick off. Taron shows a lot of personality changes in these scenes, as well as being arrogant and obnoxious. It is suggested that Grieve managed to influence him into doing anything that Grieve desired, hence why he sacrificed himself so easily without hesitation.


Main article: Vermilion.

Vermilion is the first personality of Tess' to become their own separate being. Vermilion originally split from Tess at a younger age, as Tess was becoming more and more like her Taron personality, Vermilion was a collection of the studious overachiever emotions and skills that Tess once possessed. The split caused Tess to become more sinister, and Vermilion to become even more intelligent and sophisticated, enough for Vermilion to join a law firm at the age of 18, and have a professional career in the law profession. 

Vermilion became tired of working in the law firm, and decided to try her hand at law enforcement instead, and she became a special agent and eventually one of the Agents of Ashes.


Grieve is the ultimate evil of Tess. Grieve became separated from Tess upon her devastating crash onto planet Earth. Grieve quickly began to set up a plan, which was to exterminate anything and anyone that was seen as a threat to them, which is what began the Radioactive tournament. 

Reaper Tess

A personality of Tess who appears in Fantendo - Syndicate of Sins and Scythe Slicers.




Here is a list of Tess' appearances in projects.


Dimensional Destruction




Tess' relationship with Vermilion is very complex. It seems as though the two get along, even being sworn enemies of each other, this is most likely due to the connection they have together, as Vermilion is one of Tess' personas. 





Tess was the first character ever to have a Pacificard made for them. The card comes with the deluxe edition of Radioactive Remastered, however its role is undetermined at this time.


Tess has been very positively received by the community, often being used in various fan works across the community and she was voted as the runner-up to the best Fantendo character of 2015.



  • Tess was the first official Radioactive original character.
  • Tess shares a lot of similarities to the author's own portrayal of himself, also stating that all of Tess' alternate personalities reflect a persona of his as well.
  • Tess was often used as Illusion Works' mascot. 


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