Full Name Terry
Gender Male
Species Stuffed Animal
Align Good
Main Weapon(s) Claws, Bamboo Rod
Ability/ies Shadow manipulation

Terry is the main protagonist of Terror Terry. He is a stuffed animal who's origins are yet unknown.



Terror Terry

Terry woke up somewhere in an unknown location without any memories. Determined to find out what is all behind this he teams up with another vitcim, Timonthy, to figure it out, although Tim only tags along to escape the hell hole they are in.


Appearing like a sloppy stuffed animal, Terry has a brownish color palette. He has blue eyes with a black sclera. He has a red triangular nose and his mouth and eyebrows are stitched together. The upper left part of his face is a different shade of brown, being somewhat lighter. He has crimson demonic-like horns and the same color claws on his hands and feet. Lastly he also has a sand-colored short messy puffy tail.


From what is currently known Terry has the ability to manipulate the darkness around him. He most commonly uses this to manipulate shadows, being able to sink into them to manouver or make them 3-dimensional. He somehow also seems to have an unknown affinity to light which will be explored later. 

Terry is very quick on his feet and can perform long and fast combo's. Although he can inflict damage rapidly, he doesn't do much damage. In addition he can quickly adept to new weapons as he utilizes a weapon he is granted after defeating a boss with ease. This may be duo to something in his past.