Territory War: Rampage is a Strategy Game for the PC being developed by Afro-Ninja. It is like that of Territory War Online, but with some changes.

Gameplay & Controls

Like the original TW games, you control a number of stickmen in a map as you try to defeat your enemies with a wide arsenal of weapons and other means. You can have up to 10 stickmen in your army, each of which you can assign the weapons, vehicles, emplacements, and repairs of your choice to. In addition, you have the selection of a perk to give your whole team, helping them. It uses a turn-based system. One stickman moves until the distance meter is full or if they wish to stop, then they may use one of their 40 choices they have, then a stickman from the other team does the same. This continues until all the players on one team are eliminated. All stickmen have 100 HP. Some weapons can eliminate sections of the map. Each team can only call in 3 vehicles at a time. If a vehicle or emplacement attack automatically, then it means that if the enemy is within range of the range the vehicle or emplacement has, then it will initiate their attack on them.

  • Arrow Keys - Move, Jump, Duck.
  • Number Keys - Select corresponding action.
  • W - Swap your choices to your Weapon array.
  • V - Swap your choices to your Vehicle array.
  • E - Swap your choices to your Emplacement array.
  • R - Swap your choices to your Repairs array.
  • P - End turn.
  • S - Enter Steady Aim Mode.
  • A Button - Initiate Action.
  • Mouse/Trackpad - Move Repair if possible.
  • X - Cancel
  • V - View the map.


  • Hand Grenade - A standard projectile weapon that explodes on the third bounce, causing 20-40 damage depending on how close it is to the player.
  • Rifle - A shooting weapon. It fires a bullet that causes 50 damage if aimed at the head, but 20 if aimed at the body. If the enemy is at 50 HP or lower and they are shot in the head, they will die. It cannot fire off-screen.
  • Rocket Launcher - Fires a giant missile that can easily destroy parts of the map. It can fire all the way across the map and if the rocket hits a player, they will take 80 damage.
  • Boot - Used for kicking players off the edge of the map. It will only cause 5 damage, but can send enemies flying. It has no effect on the stage.
  • Pickaxe - Can be used for attacking players, which will cause 10 damage, but is normally used for digging into the map.
  • Knife - Causes an instant kill, but you must be right next to the enemy.
  • Machine Gun - Fires 3 bullets that can travel halfway across the map, each bullet causes 25 damage. Has no effect on the map.
  • Shotgun - Can fire until it reaches the end of the screen, with the distance determining the damage. If the enemy is at the other end of the screen, it will only cause 10 damage, but if your next to them, it will cause 90 damage and the enemy will be blown far away.
  • Pistol Dual Wield - Use 2 pistols to fire in 2 different directions. The right hand uses the Right and Up arrow keys to aim, while the left hand use Left and Down to aim.
  • Tomahawk - Similar to the Hand Grenade, but if it hits a player dead on, it will be an instant kill. If it bounces, it will be reduced to 10. It has no effect on the stage.

Rest TBA...


These provide incredible firepower and mobility, but they have twice or even occasionally thrice the restriction of distance. Should a vehicle get destroyed while a player is riding in it, they will be instantly killed.

  • Tank - Can cause damage by running into foes, which will cause 10 damage, but if it fires from it's turret, it will launch the same projectile a rocket launcher would. It can only drive on a flat or slightly bumpy ground
  • Plane - A flying vehicle that cannot attack, but can move fast freely around the map and can carry 2 people.
  • Bomber - A flying vehicle that can't go as fast or far as the plane, but can drop 80-damage bombs on the enemy if hit directly.
  • Attack Chopper - A black helicopter that can be moved with a remote control and attacks automatically. It's very fast but has weak distance.

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These can greatly help keep the enemy away from you, but they have limited attack range.

  • Tower - Players can hide in these tall towers and attack enemies from the top. If it is upgraded, it will also boast 2 smaller platforms on the sides where additional players can climb in and attack from.
  • Fort - If it is placed, it will sink into the ground when it's your turn, and pop up and enclose friendly players inside it if they are in the area it was placed. The fort will protect them from generally all forms of damage. Enemies cannot enter it, but the fort will blow up if the enemy destroys the computer panel that is placed by the fort user. If the fort blows up, all players inside it or on it will take 40 damage.
  • Turret - When these are placed, they will shoot 3 bullets that each do 30 damage. However, they will not always hit. Upgrading it will increase it's range.

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  • Wall - A vertical piece of concrete that can be used to trap enemies or shield yourself, other players, and friendly equipment from harm. They are easily destroyed, however.
  • Platform - A horizontal beam that can be used to protect yourself from above fire and be used to reach new heights.
  • Upgrade - If applied to Vehicles or Emplacements, it will improve. The upgrade can be applied to your equipment twice.
  • Stairs - A diagonal platform that lets you get to new heights very fast.
  • Oil - Heals vehicle health.

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  • Lung - Lets you travel +10% more distance.
  • Moon - Lets you jump one block higher.

Edit Menu

In the Main Menu, you can go to the Edit Menu. Here, you can customize either your Grenades or your Rifle to do certain things. You can have up to 4 edited grenades and rifles plus the original 2.

Grenade Modifications

  • Ground-Touch - The grenade will explode when it touches the ground and will cause more damage, but it won't travel as far.
  • Player-Touch - These will explode when it touches a player. Other than that, it behaves as a normal grenade would.

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Rifle Modifications

  • Big Sights - Makes the Aim range bigger for more accuracy.
  • Light - Press the direction your facing to change your stance. Does less damage.

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