Terrarimon is a largely developed game that is consisted of a major game, "DLC", a few boss events, and an entire storyline. It was a result of a collaboration between GAME FREAK and the creators of Terraria, Re-Logic. It was one of the most longest games to develop, taking almost three and a half years [beta begin in 2018, before switching to alpha Summer 2019 and entering full release December 17, 2020], It adds many new features, such as...

Developer(s) Re-Logic and Nintendo
Platform(s) Windows/Linux/Mac/PS4/XBOX 360/Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
December 17, 2020
  • New balls.
  • A remastered PokeDex.
  • A large storyline.
  • Items based off of Terraria wearables.
  • Armor [allows your Terrarimon to take less damage]
  • and new Legendary Terrarimon for nearly every boss in the game [including the Wall of Flesh.]

The goal of the game, like every other fanon or canon game, is to "catch em all". In this case, it's "capture them all", which is a pretty nicer version of saying it.


The plot takes place on the date the computer currently says. [ex, if it were let's say December 11, 2020, it would take place on 12/11/2020], with the current time set [if it were 1:30 AM, it would be 1:30 AM on the game]. The character wakes up, as a white mannequin that has the ability to talk, being greeted by the Professor of Terraria, Harry [a Guide.] He usually gives the player the stupidest thing to do; tell them how to control their player, and how to jump in the game [it added the ability to jump when you want to, by hitting space]. Then, the player is told what gender they are. If the player chose Male, they would be given Alexander [a white person wearing a green coat with a red undershirt, black pants and yellow boots]. If they chose Female, they would be given Elizabeth [a white female person wearing a blue short-armor like thing which idk is, with a red skull-shape image on the short armor, and knee pads with black boots.] After they choose their gender, they can choose their name, which, if were to be left blank, be called "Alexander" or "Elizabeth". Stock names are;


  • Joe
  • Fred
  • Zack
  • Lewis


  • Lydia
  • Zelda
  • Isabella
  • Judy

It is possible to choose your own name with a maximum of 11 letters [names like "Adams" are allowed, but not "Llanfairpwllgynnwyrndrobllantysiliogogogoch".]

Anyways, the player wakes up on a blue or pink bed [depending on gender], or in some cases, a random color. They get up, and you have to take the backpack and hat that is near them [as every Pokemon protagonist has a backpat and a hat.] The backpack is purely empty, with only just dust. Emptying the dust allows for a clean bag, and lets you proceed to exit the door.

As the protagonist was playing Singleplayer, they are all alone in a house. This appears to be the kitchen-like zone, with tables and a chair that was oddly placed on top of a wall under a wooden square, and in the fridge appears to be Mushrooms. Mushrooms do not play a key role in the game only to inflict a status effect. Exiting the house, you see a forest which is where the house was built, and you exit the house, only to move 15 blocks before someone tells you that it is "dangerous to go out there". The person who said this is the Professor, Harry. Harry brings the protagonist to the Terraria Laboratory, only to show three Poke-Balls colored green on top and called Terra-Balls. Each ball has a different Terrarimon in it.

  • The left ball leads to an Orange Slime, a Fire-type Terrarimon.
  • The middle ball leads to a Green Slime, a Grass-type Terrarimon.
  • The right ball leads to a Blue Slime, a Water-type Terrarimon.

After the player has chosen one of the Terrarimon, your rival [who is unnamed] runs into the Terraria Laboratory, saying that he forgot to schedule an alarm due to Potion Sickness. After the Professor calms him down and calmingly puts him near the protagonist, you get to give your rival a name.

Stock names are:

  • Jerry
  • Maxwell

and Gary.

After you choose the name, you see that one of the two remaining balls is gone, taken by your Rival. He challenges you to a Terrarimon Battle. The Terrarimon he has is the Slime that is weak to your Terrarimon [ex. If you chose Grass, your rival chose Water.] You win to his battle, and win your first set of money; 15 bronze. After this happens, your Rival tells you that you have done a very good job, and "you could be enough to beat the Champion". This is not true, as your Terrarimon is weak to the level 90-100 Terrarimon.

The Professor officially says that you're ready to venture out, exiting the Laboratory and allowing you to move down the path. You may encounter a few Terrarimon, such as Green Slime, and Light Green Slime. If you were lucky you could have discovered a Pinky and defeated it, giving you 10-20 Silver and a shortcut to buy most items.

After you check your backpack, you find out that something has been in your Bag all along after that battle; the TerraDex, which allows you to record information on all the TerraMon you catch. It also keeps it's info, even if it is stored in a TC, or left out in the wild. It's only recorded TerraMon is your Starter and the TerraMon you wiped out.

You move on, and then you enter your first town; Corvus Town, which is a small town which is full of challenging trainers. All of the trainers act intimidating, but their TerraMon is usually a lower-level Slime or maybe an untrained Pinky. It is possible you unleashed destruction on them one by one by defeating their TerraMon, before you exit. You recieve a call from the TerraDex, not knowing it also acted as a phone. The Professor wants the player to return to the Terraria Laboratory, with a reason; "something special has been left out for you".

After returning, it turns out it is a coupon for a sale at the store in Corvus Town, which allows for a discount on nearly any item for 60 hours [5 days total].

When you are returning to Corvus Town for the coupon, you notice that there was a hole in the skyscraper. You first have to deliver the coupon, then enter the Hole, and hide. You find out there is a villainous team known as "Team Corruption" [Team Crimson, if female]. They appear intimidating, but their TerraMon appears to be Spiky Ice Slime. You figure out you can try your luck and battle one of the Trainers; the one with the Ice Slime that is not spiked. After succesfully winning due to the fact that the trainer was tired as a elephant in summer, you win, and he has to give up Silver and sometimes Copper/Gold. The team retreats after realizing you may be small and weak, but intimidating on the inside. You recieve another call.

The Professor wants to know what happened, as you tell him that a team stormed the skyscraper and destroyed the lower floors. He is surprised. He actually knew the team when he was a kid, as his hotel was stormed the same way but then a kid supposedly intimidating beat one of their Terramon, the simular way. It reminded him of that, and told the player anyways to continue on. The TerraDex also installs itself a MapDex, which allows for tracking TerraMons nearby using it's Automated Research Detector Scanner 2500 [ARDS].

Continuing on to the Jungle Forest, you find another Laboratory in the forest, allowing for a modification of your TerraDex to add the ability to "check rare items" [known as UniqueDex].

Continuing on, in the Northern Jungle Forest, you see the Professor for the third time, demonstrating how to use a TerraBall, as it is not easy fighting with one on your side. You need more than one [the maximum is seven, unlike the six in usual games].

You obtained Copper Balls, which are cheap and take the role of the weak PokeBall in games. You obtained five, and more can be bought from Supermarkets or stores in Nurseries. One thing to do as a tip from the Professor is to at least use it when the TerraMon is at the lowest health possible [at least 15-20% HP remaining], or else it will break out due to overuse of energy. It is possible to actually catch one using no damage.

After detecting many rare TerraMon or sometimes actually good TerraMon, you have at least supposedly 2-3 TerraMon [that is average, you may have 4 sometimes] or in the Beta Debug Mode, the maximum. You may have 5 entries in the TerraDex officially registered [uncaptured ones only give no info, but where they are according to the MapDex].

Travelling for a littel while... minding your buisness and... you know. You then encounter the same villainous team again, this time terrorizing a city by trying to kidnap both people and Pokemon, Ghost Slimes surviving. This is an opportunity, as the Ghost Slimes are very weak due to their low HP [they have 10, and at maximum level only at least 35]. You may have had at least some of these captured and registered in your TerraDex. This is righty-on! Suddenly, you're surrounded by the Villain Team, forced in a fight against the leader, Jerman. The leader has a level 10 Ghost Slime, level 10 Spiked Ice Slime, and a level 5 Parasol Slime, one of the most rarest slimes in the Slime Zone. You suddenly get an advantage after one of your Ghost Slimes had an ability, and always did [you always have one]. The ability added "Paranoid" that lasted for 5 turns to the TerraMon of Jerman, which caused them to fear of ghosts. After Jerman fails, he throws a "tantrum" and orders to retreat and defend the base from the player, who is referred to as a "intimidating kid."

After you suddenly fall into a coma after fighting, you start to enter your own dream. The zone is a purple place with trees and holes around, with flying demons that seem like they come from a familiar face... Wait... We know what it is. [this is for both genders]. AFter you manage to capture one, things start to break down, and you fall into a "vortex' before waking up from a coma.

Apparently, you're on the side of a large inactivated volcano called "Togo Saeola" [which is "The Mountain of Doom" in the region's native language, Evi]. The TerraMon there appear to be lava-vesseled, and sometimes spiked. After you catch some, but deposit it in your portable PC [StorageDex], part of your TerraDex, you hear eruptions. There was a bay that appeared right next to your comatose zone, and you enter it in order to take shelter. It is actually a third Laboratory inside a mountain. The Professor is no longer your original, and now "Hank", who is a person who usually studies fire and lava. He explains that there may be an eye in there that could summon the "Eye of Cthulu", a believed myth that could wreck havoc on the world. After realizing he forgot to keep remaining Ore Balls from Tin to Gold, his only choice is to give Platinum Balls. After this, it is possible to buy the lost Ore Balls at stores. He also gives you a special healing item called the "Antidote", which cures Paralysis, Poison, and Comatose. He also explains there's a "Super Antidote" and a "Ultra Antidote", both of which are strong enough to cure the bad strain of Terrarus and even paranoia. He also explains as well that there are no signs but beliefs of a "Immune Antidote", an antidote that can cure almost nearly any sickness in the world, but it's not true as no places have been seen of it, but he asks if he can give you either a quest to find it, or a quest to battle the Eye of Cthulu and get it's prize.

If you choose the quest to find the Immune Antidote, the Battle the Eye quest will be declined automatically and unable to obtain. This also happens to choosing the Battle one.

The Immune Antidote is located back at Corvus Town, but it is destroyed in rubble. The Suspicious Eye is located at the Molten Core of Saeola [or in Evi, Noke Sa de Saeola].

When you find the Suspicious Eye, you can "Ritual" it, placing it and saying that the Eye should come. It does so, causing a rift to open and engage in battle with it. Keep in mind a Platinum Ball is an Ultra Ball, and is upgraded to catch better at 35-50% HP left remaining of a boss. The HP of the boss is 325, and can be catched at 60-150 HP remaining. After catching succesfully, another rift opens, saying that it is also a dream in a dream. You're in comatose, with the Eye gone, and on the Ocean. The only thing to do is go down to the ocean floor, where you can encounter many Water-related enemies. Suddenly, after catching at least 5, you then get down to another rift, then another rift... then the last rift, which appears to be the current dimension. You see... blankness. The only Pokemon you can find is the normal Pokemon, including the Legends. But, there is a tablet with the true Suspicious Eye of Cthulu on it... Activating it summons the true Eye of Cthulu, as the first one was in fact an illusion. After you beat it, you get to capture it and keep in the Dex, nearly filling the first set of Dex entries up to the current entry. This supposedly also allows you to get it and keep it, after awakening from your true comatose. You see the normal things, and you have the Eye. You continue your journey, until you find the Stone dungeon, with an old man sitting on it. Talking to the Old Man says that "he who shall mess with the wise.. will get no wise."

The only effect that continues a major event is to curse the Old Man at night, turning him into Skeletron and forcing the player into a battle. Skeletron is not a single entity; the game treats it like a trainer.

The first thing you need to know is that when the arms are up, you cannot get the head. That means you need to destroy the arms using damage, and then force a ball ont it when it has the lowest HP possible. Skeletron's hands have 250 HP, totalling up to 500 HP, and the head has 650 HP, totalling up to 1,600 HP. It is the second highest total HP, being beaten by the Moon Lord being 350, 350, 350, and then 750. But enough of that. After you defeat the hands, you cannot destroy the head; you must damage it, and then throw a ball at it. After that, you are called by the Professor, telling them to know that they can now enter the Dungeon and capture or fight new TerraMon. In some cases, there are special Chests that unlock new Balls and in some cases, the Ultra Antidote [at least once.] The call ends, and the gate to the Dungeon is open, allowing for capturing of many Dungeon Slimes, Dungeon Skeletons and other stuff. When exiting the Dungeon, the player gets a call again, saying that "a Slime Rain is storming and caused a King Slime to appear", giving the player a chance to register the King Slime in their TerraDex. 

[Note: The plot cannot be continued as it is too long. I am sorry.]


WASD/Arrow Keys = Move [WASD is optional, as you can switch to it using Z > Options > Movement > Arrow Keys to WASD]

Z = Menu/Backpack

X = Status of your TerraMon

C = Save/load

M = Player info

N = Switch types on the TerraDex n stuff


I canceled finishing the plot as it took me two days to finish. I'm sorry.

  • Nearly every enemy in Terraria, and the bosses/events, are TerraMon.
  • Nearly every NPC in Terraria ever known is a trainer [including randomly generated ones.]
  • Nearly every item in Terraria ever known is an item [except for the Antidotes]
  • Nearly everything is basically in this.
  • The Moon Lord and the True Eyes of Cthulu are the only enemies not in the game.
  • The Lunatic Cultist, and it's 4 pillars, are also the only enemies not in the game. Source code is found about planne dLunatic Cultist trainers though.
  • 80 areas are in the entire map.
  • 135 sub-areas are in the map.
  • 30 boss zones are in the map, including the rest which are supposedly remnants of old bosses.
  • 25 easter eggs are found in the game, including 150 references [20% are references to Terraria names that are shown in both the Steam and Normal version.]
  • The Collector's Edition adds the Carrot and a free Bunny TerraMon. This, the 4 Pillars and the Lunatic Cultist, and the Moon Lord plus it's Eyes of Cthulu are the only enemies in a DLC [Remember when i said that those enemies were not in the game? That's because it's in a DLC.]

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