Terrafying Globe
Terrafying Globe
by Shadow Inferno
Full Name Terrafying Globe
Zyvoline, Phase 1
Current Age 150,000+
Gender None; referred to as male
Align Evil
Current Status God
Everything, especially Bowie
Main Weapon(s) Everything
Vulnerable To Anxiety
Height 21870.08 feet
6666.000384 meters
Weight 13170531950350 pounds
5974052801519.9794922 kilograms
First Appearance Fandraxonian Warfare
The Terrafying Globe is one of Zyvoline's boss phases in Fandraxonian Warfare, and is the very first to be fought by the player. It is the "eggshell" of Zyvoline, hiding his second form, which is the full body. The Terrafying Globe is an ugly sphere that is a mixture of every landscape, character, event, and (non disturbing) thought Athena Hawkins had stored in her head, and reflects many broken and irrational thoughts.

The Terrafying Globe is the last non-major boss in the game, although it is part of another boss.


The Terrafying Globe is a mess of colors, although it has a redish glow, perhaps to display raw power. The head of the Terrafying Globe is like that of Giygas' from Earthbound, with its hands being those of bent tree trunks, the abomination being kept up in the air by legs made from corpses. Everything else consists of objects, characters, and whatever from video games, television shows, and etc.  Everything hangs together on the globe thanks to a pink gooey substance.

The core of the Terrafying Globe, opened up once the player hits the outer shell for enough damage, looks just like an orange egg, with the shadow of Zyvoline being visible from within.

Battle Strategy

The Terrafying Globe is very unpredictable, being able to summon various characters out from the globe to do damage, or to toss an object from itself. Everything is attached to pink goo - which is part of the globe - and if the object misses, it'll drag itself back to the globe. The tree trunks can form an un-penetrable defense that requires the player to work around it, but they can also be used as instant killing physical weapons that require precision to dodge or counter. The Giygas-head can spit multiple flames at the player and use incomprehensible attacks.

To open up the core, the player needs to hit the shell enough to expose the weak spot.  The core attacks with instant death rays, which need to be countered, as they cannot be avoided.  If the core is not defeated in time, the shell will come back together with full health, although the core's health is unchanged.

The shell has 150000 HP, and the core has 500000 HP.


  • The Terrafying Globe was a scrapped concept from Split Personality.
  • It's inspired much by Ojay in terms of its general concept.