"I want more high caffeinated coke, Ashlyn!"

            Terra Ordering Ashlyn Around

Terra Wolf is a Gremlin and character from the fan game Hex Splice who uses the spliced monster Midnight Sting, a bat scorpion hybrid. She was temporarily an anagonist, but soon joined the Blue Hex Organization.

Physical Aprearance:

Terra has long purple hair tied usually in a long pony tail with a pink fringe through her bangs, which cover one of her dark blue eyes. One long strand of hair sticks up on top of her head, resembling one long antena. She has a black marking under her visable eye, resembling a T in a way. She also a small fang poking out of her mouth and pointed ears, showing how she is a Gremlin. She was introduced wearing a black choker, a blue t-shirt with neon green and pink lines on it, a black studded belt, small black fingerless gloves, a dark grey skirt with a small amount of tulle, and dark red high heeled lace up boots. Recently, she wore her hair down and loose, and had a completely different outfit, which consists of a black sleeveless leather jacket, a dark fushia shirt with a picture of the awesome face on it, red hoop earings, denim shorts, a green belt, and purple stockings. Her choker, boots, and gloves remained the same. When midnight comes, she turns into her Gremlin form, which is actully her true form. In this form she grows a few feet taller, and her skin turns pink. Terra's eyes turn from blue to burning orange and become reptillian, and the antena on her head turns dark yellow and splits into a pair of horns. Horns grow on her shoulders, knees, and elbows, and she grows long claws as well. Also, all her teeth become sharp and serrated, and her touge, which is long and forked, tends to poke out of her mouth. In this form she is much more intimidating and violent.


Terra has a very odd personality. She has mood swings quite often(maybe because of all the caffeine she drinks) which results in her either being polite and caring, sad and depressed, or foul mouthed and violent. This often causes problems for others, especially when in Gremlin form and when it comes at the wrong time. But usually she acts pumped up and ready to fight. Despite her passion for Hex Card Battling and fun, Terra is selfish and stubborn, and has a dangerous temper, as well as a very bad attitude. However she has displayed caring behavoir to her friend Ashlyn Black , especially when Ashlyn is being hurt or bullied. Terra only does what she thinks is right, which has provailed a few times.


Terra relies on three wepons; a crossbow, an AK-47, and a ringblade. She is high trained in her Hex class, Hex assassin, as well as a Hex Card Battler. Terra has high speed and agility, but average attack power. During midnight hours in her Gremlin form, she has very high attack and speed power, as well as the ability to climb up buildings, similar to spider man.

Hex Card Monster:

Terra's Hex Card Monster is Midnight Sting, a monster spliced from a bat and a scorpion. He(As Terra refers to it as) is a large bat with a stinger for a tail, and scorpion legs and pinches on his stomach. Midnight Sting has a personality like Terra's, just like how all the other Card Monsters have personlites like their owner. Midnight Sting has the ability to fly and spray poisinous acid from it's tail, burning the victim. He can aslo turn invisable and breath poisinous gas from his mouth, blinding his enemies.


  • Terra's eye color was originally bright pink, and her hair was pink with a purple fringe, but later her color scheme was altered
  • She is supposedly from Ireland, though she lacks the accent
  • Her name is spelled like the latin word for earth, but in the fan novel, it is spelled T-A-R-A
  • Her hair color in the fan novel is blond, and she is a normal human being, instead of a gremlin.

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