Termination of Paradise ​is a 3D survival game made by ​SeventhHeaven​ for the7Si. ​The game is set on the island of Paraa, and the game is around the theme of natural disasters; or more specifically tsunamis.


You are a tourist on there visit to the island of Paraa. You have just arrived at Paraa-Nirata airport from Japan, where you are with your two friends, Iris and Zell. You are going on a tour around the Hontos region and you have reached the location you were most excited to see; Paraa City. The airport was located in the mountain area of the city and it took two trains to get down to the city and the beach area. However instead of staying in a city hotel, you have chosen to stay at the Taeyang Resort and Spa, which is about a mile from the city. After collecting your baggage, you are greeted by a man outside the airport named Zhuo Wu, who drives you to the resort.

Once arriving at Taeyang, you are stunned at the beautiful exterior of the building. The reception building was large and modern, while the rooms and the cafe buildings were all traditional east-Asian. In front of you was a beautiful Japanese-style garden, and a pond, with a monitor lizard relaxing beside. A stream flows on the other side of the road, where lilies grow and a beautiful merlion statue is.

You enter the reception building to find a man awaiting you. People are sitting around an electric fire eating papayas, lychees and mangos, while others lounged around on the long sofas and some were arranging conferences. The room was a simplistic white with magnificent purple drapes, swinging down from tall pillars. Photos of the hotels various achievements were hung on the wall, while above, the glass roof allowed in natural light and flags were seen flapping in the wind above. As you approach the reception desk, a lady name Su Shan greets you and asks you for your details. After giving them, she gives you the keys to your suite and calls a bellhop to guide you to your room. On the way there, you see the beautiful palm trees and all the different nationalities of the people there. There was Dutch, German, Thai, Japanese and British.

As you make your way down the aqua-coloured path, you enter the more residential area, instead of the more commercial-restaurant style area before. Each house has a welcome mat and an orchid and several topiaries outside. Each of the suites in this area were two rooms, one room on the top floor, one on the ground floor. However, you were heading to the richer part. Walking down the path, you see a pool to one side of you and to the other another small Japanese garden. The pool, as you would expect for a seaside resort is an infinite pool, fitting of course for the scenery and in front of you is a small rock formation, with steep steps to get up there.

Clambering up the stairs, you find yourself in a beautiful Chinese-style pagoda, overlooking the sea. Though nature has taken over in this area of the resort, some would say it had added charm to it. The cliff beside the pagoda was steep and the fence beside it was non-existent. As you got higher, the path got steeper. This path was nothing but a quick route to the reception. No suites were on this path, they were all in the sheltered coves. When you reached the top, the path quickly turned to a decline. From this point you could see the whole resort and all the way out to sea.

As the path got thinner and flatter, a lizard darts across the path. The resort's suites were once again surrounding you. These suites are a lot bigger than the onces near the reception. Each building is compiled of up to four bedrooms, alongside four ensuites and an open plan room with a kitchen, a dining room and a lounge. In one of the four rooms in the house there was a chaise lounge and a piano. Eventually you arrive at your room. It is slightly more elevated than the surrounding houses, despite being in the flattest area. Inside you find the main room, with complimentary fruits and drinks on the counter. The first thing that you see on entry, however, is the most beautiful view of the sea. As the bellhop drops your luggage, you snoop around the rooms deciding on who has what. You soon decide that you will have the sea view room with the ensuite. Before long you become tired, due to the jet lag, even though it is only eleven o'clock in the morning.

It is nine o'clock when you awake and the three of you have decided to go out to the restaurant they have in the hotel, as it is too late to go out to the city to eat now. As you enter the restaurant, you are told that there are no spaces left in the restaurant, as it was too full. Thinking of a plan, Zell says that they should all go swimming in the pool. After agreeing, you all go back to the suite to get your swimming trunks and bikinis. Once you reach the pool you decide to stay there until eleven, then get some food. While swimming around Iris notices the water on the beach retreating. She knew that that was usually a sign of a tsunami, but she thought that it was probably just the tide going out. It was now eleven o'clock and the three were just getting out of the pool. They dried themselves off in the toilets and shower area, and headed towards the restaurant.

After the earlier refused entry, the three were then let in to the restaurant. Obviously as it was quite late now, the amount of people in the restaurant was smaller, but still not minimal. In fact there was still about seventy people still inside the building. And then it happened.

All of a sudden a choir of screams rung out as a thundurous roar was heard. Behind you was the most enormous wave you'd ever seen. It towered higher than the building you was in which- just to clarify was three stories tall. Then, all you could see was the terror on the faces of each of the people in the room. It crashed in to the building, with such force it broke through the glass and snapped the hardwood with ease. The copper roof was torn off and the walls had been demolished. All that was left was the concrete beams, of which you were clinging on to. Within ten seconds, all the people there had just disappeared. You seemed to be the only one left. Or was you?

More coming soon.


Coming soon.

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