A massive space station found within Clash of the Fiction, this place serves as the central hub for players. Everyone can gather and interact here if they so choose, but it is entirely separated from the rest of the open world; whereas one may travel through space on a vehicle or mount to travel from location to location, the only way in or out of Terminal Station is through a teleporter.

Within the station, various non-player characters (NPCs) who represent various locations discovered by the player can be found wandering around or offering quest. NPCs found on the station may also be found down on their respective worlds as well, but since a player cannot be in both places at once, this is not something which should cause confusion.

When using the teleporter to beam down to Obelisks around the world, players can choose various channels to use- which have a function similar to that of worlds/servers in other games, intended to distribute players over a wider area. while it is not necessary to activate the Obelisks, players must gain clearance to use them before they can travel to new areas; they are also prohibited from simply traveling to currently-unavailable locations.

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