Flag of Termania
The Termanian flag
Capital City Kogonia
Largest City Kogonia
Language(s) English
National Anthem
Government Federal Republic
Population 341,978,976
Currency Termanian Cogs
Drives on the Right
Included Environment(s)
Large Valleys, Mountain Chain, Volcanoes
Fivoria, Mizuria, Iradia

Termania is a federal republic on the continent of . One of the most technologically advanced nations in the world of Isis, the country rivals Lumoshiland and Jakeistan in technology. Having developed the Cyberway, Termania is known for having some of the most efficient traveling across the globe. It is split into five states: Fivoria, Mizuria, Iradia, Rendatia, and Kogonia.


Much of the nation has a high temperature, due to large amounts of seismic and volcanic activity in the southern parts of the nation and general proximity to the equator. Average temperatures at the coldest times of year will rarely drop below 55°F (12.7°C) in the majority of hte nation; around the Iradian lakes, temperatures as low as 42°F (5.5°C) have been observed.


Before the Republic

Origins of the Republic

Technologic Advancment

Because of the high amounts of activity in combination with technological advancement, the nation has developed a number of cities which hover in the sky, a ways above the valley bottoms but not quite as high as the mountaintops.

The Cyberway is a series of interconnected, blue roadways which have no need for concrete or ground to stand on, formed out of a glass-like material which is extremely durable; the Cyberway connects the biggest four cities in the nation, with smaller roads branching off of it. Additionally, a special shield has been developed to protect Mizus from Mt. Ignation's violent eruptions.



Each state is able to elect a series of five representitives, all of equal status, who govern that specific state. The twenty-five representitives will also meet to form a collective group which votes on international matters. There is also an executive branch of sorts, led by a single person elected to office by the total population.

State Divisions

Fivoria is the state which occupies the northern section of the country, with a population of 78,841,234. The mountains are much more frequent within this state, causing the central city of Fivan to work around mountaintops and span a rather large area.

Mizuria is the state which occupies the southern segment of the country, housing many of its notorious volcanoes and a population of 63,103,386. Its central city of Mizus is in relative close proximity of the central volcano, Mt. Ignation, using the afformentioned shield to protect itself.

Iradia is the state which occupise the eastern segment of the country, with a population of 72,301,408 and many wide open vallies- some of which house lakes between the mountains. The central city of Iris is well respected for its vivacious color scheme and tendency to use rainbows for almost anything; the city floats over the largest lake in the region, Lake Sironia.

The smallest of the states, Kogonia, is the region surrounding the nation's capital city, located at the tri-state area. Despite its small size, the dense population of the city leads to an astounding population of 77,588,926. The city is located above a lake, which holds what is commonly referred to as the "Waterfall to Hell", for it is a gorge which dips well beneath the surface of the water, taking on the form of an abyss.

Later on in the life of the nation, Termania captured land across the seas. Originally a territory, it has since been entered as a state into the country, under the name Rendatia. With a population of 50,144,022 it is not too large. The state has a coolder climate than the rest of the country and it borders Neo Darkloria, Faerania, and Sven-Sventeino. Its capital city is Renida, located over a bay on the northwestern segment of the land.

International Relations

Since the rise of the Republic, the nation of Termania has been notorious for its declarations of neutrality. Despite this, however, it is well known that the nation has a fine military standing by, which it has used in the past in the direst of situations.


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