Full Name Teresa
Current Age 20
Gender Female
Species Tarkaetan
Ability/ies Shapeshifting
First Appearance Fantendo - Assemble
Teresa is an alien of the shapeshifting Tarkaetan race who is disguised and identifies as a human woman. While the Tarkaetans were preparing an invasion on Earth, Teresa came to the planet Earth to hide away fro the Tarkaetans, who are on the look out for her. While she originally was a male Tarkaetan, she felt uncomfortable in a male body and when she ran away to Earth she identified as female and created a female body for herself. 


Teresa is a biologically male Tarkaetan who takes on the appearance of a human woman. In her original Tarkaetan form she has purple skin, like all male Tarkaetans, and emerald green eyes, but she rarely ever comes back to her original form. Instead, her human form has grey skin, green hair, and she wears a dark grey jacket with a green shirt underneath, along with dark green shorts.


Teresa, like all Tarkaetans, has the ability to shapeshift into any known race in the universe, although she never changes out of her human body unless in dire circumstances, and Tarkaetans as a whole only ever use this ability to create a disguise when they invade a planet.


Varian was born prince of the Tarkaetans, destined to lead them in their undercover invasion to Earth. Like all the invaders to earth he was assigned to create a human disguise body for when he were to invade earth - his first disguise being as a man named Travis. However, while acting as Travis, he felt uncomfortable in a male body and realized that he didn't feel at peace with himself and what he was doing. So he ran away, faked his own death, and then assumed a new identity as Teresa.

Unbeknownst to Teresa, the Tarkaetans know that she is still alive somewhere and they are hunting her down, with Teresa's brother Atlas now leading the Tarkaetan Invasion.


Teresa is quite reserved and doesn't really connect well with other people. She is deeply insecure and afraid of being found by her old alien family, which has caused her to become paranoid. She's also afraid of being judged for who she is, which is why she avoids bonding with people in fear of being betrayed. 


  • A similar character was planned for the canceled Corkscrew Chronicles show, only it was a female alien disguised as a male human, while here it's the reverse. 
  • In early planning her concept was going to be very similar only that instead of coming from an alien race she was going to be a demon in disguise, but this was changed because aliens invading earth would probably make more sense then demons. 


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