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Not to be confused with Ghost Goomba.


A Terekuribo.

Terekuribos (also known as Goomboos or Boo Goombas) are Boo-like Goombas that work for Wario during the events of Super Mario Land 2.

They also appear in Super Mario World: Wii as enemies in ghost houses.

Goomboos appear once again in Goomsday Wii. They are the spirits of dead Goombas brought back not by Goomboss, but by King Boo (under the control of the Scepter of Superiority).

They are the only Goomblobs in Super Blob Bros 2 where they are called Terekuriblobs, If the player is Blobio, they will leave them alone, but if the player is Blobgi, they chase him.


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