Created By FTR Games.
Manufacturer(s) Nintendo, FTR Games
Product Family TeraPlay
Console Type Gaming Console
Subtype(s) Hybrid
Generation 1
Storage 5 TB
Online Connectivity High
Release Date(s)
CPU XTR i20 Xtreme Quad Processer (500GB)
GPU CR1PSP4 20ia Megacore
System on Chip Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Successor TeraPlay Elite
TeraPlay is the 1st Generation Computer/Video Game Hybrid Console designed and created By FTR Games & Nintendo. the first of its kind and has 2 types of games it can play and support and the first Console to introduce Bluetooth Controllers, Keyboard and Mouse. its release date is unannounced at the moment but its target is sometime in 2020.


The console was teased in Nintendo's First direct along Side FTR Games' Owner and Founder to create the first Computer/Gaming Console Hybrid. other than that nothing much is known about the console.


Want you game on the console, Ask me on my message wall personally.


The controller is a tablet like controller that can be taken with you unlike the Wii U Game Pad, this controller can also hook up to the console using Bluetooth and can act like the Wii U Game Pad but has better Accuracy when it comes to the stylus. in addition it can be use with many computer applications regarding art, Gaming and many more.

Operating System

TeraPlay Menu

Nintendo eShop

Nintendo Persona

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