Tenth Dimension
Rapa-Vile Island
Greater Location Twinsanity Island
Current Capital Hungar Roar Metropolis, Rapa-Vile Island
First Appearance Crash Twinsanity
Latest Appearance Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends: Dimensional Twist Drift
Current Ruler Rapa-Vile Enemies
Current Inhabitant(s)
3rd Dimension Equivalent
Location Type Dark
Included Environment(s)
Dark Lands, Industrial Contamination Metropolis, Volcano, Swamp, Jungle
Twinsanity Island, Rapa-Vile Island, Bowser's Castle, Fiendly Rivals Headquarters, Snowdar
Notable Resident(s)
Evil Lucario, Evil Pharaoh Man, Evil Mondo, Evil Crash, Evil Yun, Evil Yang, Evil Yasuhiro, Good Bowser, Etc.
The Tenth Dimension, also known as the -3rd Dimension/Negative Third Dimension is the moral opposite of 3rd Dimension. Everything that is considered benevolent in our dimension is malevolent in the Tenth Dimension and vice-versa whereas the 3rd Dimension is bright and colorful, the Tenth Dimension is dark and gloomy. The Tenth Dimensional equivalent of the luscious Rapa-Nui Island is the barren Rapa-Vile Island, where the ferocious and evil Rapa-Vile Enemies reside.


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