Tentalus (Abyssal Leviathan) is a boss from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword who is fought at the end of the Sandship while it's getting capsized and Tentalus is the reason for the ship's capsizing, when Tentalus is defeated then Nayru's Flame is collected.

Main Weapon(s) Tentacles
Vulnerable To Arrows and Sword
First Appearance The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Latest Appearance The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

General Information

Physical Appearence

Tentalus is a large Squid beast with two arms and many tentacles on it's head, and one eye. Tentalus' tentacles turn into snake-like beasts which are fought in the second and final phase.


Tentalus is seen at the end of the Sandship and comes over revealing itself on who was destroying the ship. Tentalus does simple attacks on it's first round and what it does that it does beneath the ship and have it's tentacles go through the deck's floor, in order to progress Link hasto attack the tentacles with a Skyward Strike or with an arrow. After that then Tentalus comes back and roars and it's eye is revealed where Link can shoot the beast's eye and then it will fall to the ground and Link can attack the eye, but if not succesful in time Tentalus can slam down it's tentacle for an attack and continue. When doing this a couple of times then it's off to Tentalus' second and final phase.

In Tentalus' second and final phase it slams it's tentacles all over the deck floor and the box to the top of the ship is revealed. Link has to go to the box and come to the top without getting hurt with one of the barrels. When Link reaches to the top Tentalus does various attacks such as it's tentacles turning into snake-like creatures and going to Link and he has to defeat them. After many tentacle snakes are defeated then Tentalus does a loud roar and Link can aim his arrow at it's eye and attack. When doing this again a few more times, Tentalus is defeated and Nayru's Flame is collected, but the Sansdship is now destroyed.


  • The boss theme for Tentalus is the same for Scaldera's.
  • Fans usually call Tentalus a Male or Female so it's real gender is unknown.