Full Name Tennu
Current Age Unknown
Species Deity (?)
First Appearance Xerra: The Last Beorn - Volume 1 (cameo, first official appearance)
Tennu is a unknown deity (?) that first appeared in issue 7 and 8 of Xerra: The Last Beorn. He was part of Xerra's sickness induced vision, and she understood that his name was Tennu, although she had never met him before. It is unknown if Tennu was made up by Xerra's mind, although Origin, Destiny, Vokkskar, and Unten's appearances suggest that he may be real.


Tennu looks similar to Unten, but with a much bigger head that has four eyes and a skull like nose and a mouth that seems to be a bunch of tentacles and teeth that are connected with the rest of the skin. Two scars run across the left side of his face, similar to how Unten looked in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered.

Tennu also has four arms that have around 5 claw-like spikes on each one, with the exception of his cybernetic arm that looks similar to Unten's arm from Fantendo the Animated Series, except with the colors of his scarf in Tragedy (2015). He also has two feet with three claws that are constantly pressed against each other.

He also has blocks floating around him, with Exotoro confirming on chat that they were from Percivus.


Fantendo - Genesis

Tennu appears in Chapter 10 as a vision Unten has, devouring the ship and melting into mush that turns into versions of Untens. It's implied that Tennu isn't just a dream Unten has, as this is how he learns about Earth's name and what The Fan and The Enemy look like.

Xerra: The Last Beorn - Volume 1

When Xerra fell deathly ill in "Xerra Throws Up!", the seventh issue of volume 1, Xerra began to have a strange vision that had her land in a space that was entirely black, where she saw Tennu and "understood" his name. She entered through his mouth in the next issue, landing on a landscape made out screaming Beorn faces and found Unten there, killing him as she violently beat him up. As she saw Origin and Destiny, "understanding" their names and backgrounds like she had with Tennu, they declined her sacrifice of Unten and mouthed words she couldn't hear.

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Xerra: The Last Beorn (2015)

Tennu is a mysterious character that only seems to exist in dreams, yet he tells those who dream of him knowledge they don't have means whatsoever to know. He seems to be an amalgamation of other Unten incarnations, evidenced by his two long scars across his two right eyes. The weirder thing is that he's not a Beorn either... what is he? What is the answer to the mystery of Tennu?