Tennis Terrors is the eighth episode of series 2 of Super Mario. It aired on 26th June, 2015.



Mario and Co. decide to have a double tennis tournament. Bowser then storms infrint of him and says that he wants to be on Mario's team. Mario thinks of Bowser destroying the kingdom, so nods his head.

Rievoah and Toadokay notice that Toad and Toadette are in a team and that they were not invited. Rievoah then says that they should spy on them to see what they get up to... with the help of Toadai!

Peach gets concerned that Bowser will be untrustworthy and that Mario should pick a different partner, however, Mario is too happy and lets Bowser stay on his team.

Meanwhile, Toad and Toadette are about to face off against Peach and Luigi. Rievoah and Toadokay, however, say that they were not invited to the game. Toadette says they forgot, but they don't look happy. The Toads end up losing the match, causing Rievoah and Toadokay to laugh.

Eventually, Mario and Bowser are about to be in the final against Waluigi and Daisy. The four Toads, however , argue during the game. Bowser ends up turning down Mario and picks Rievoah to replace him. Rievoah, however, is really good, and Daisy complains, getting Toad on the area to replace Waluigi. Toad later calls Toadette to help him and get her to replace Daisy. Bowser then gets replaced by Toadokay when Rievoah gets him on the stage. Toadai then starts calculating all their moves.

As the four Toads play, Mario, Bowser, Waluigi and Daisy decide to go to a Burger King and forget the craziness that happened.


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