Tendo Land: A Glitch Saga
Tendo Land A Glitch Saga logo
Developer(s) PlayMix logo
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
July 20, 2016
Single player


Age Rating(s)
80px-ESRB 2013 Teen.svg 426px-PEGI 12.svg (1) Cero a
Genre(s) 2D Action-Platformer
Media Included Nintendo 3DS cartridge
Not be confused with a planet called Tendo

Tendo Land: A Glitch Saga is an action-platforming, developed by PlayMix and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS system. It is the first game in theTendo Land series and the second game to be developed by Playmix, following its first game in the Leox series. The game was first announced at Nintendo E3 conference on June 2015 and was release on July 20, 2016


Tendo Land: A Glitch Saga takes place in a fictional downtown-like island, known as Shōbu Island, which follows an adventure of a human-like glitcher and main protagonist, named Tendo Nin. A gate to the a glitched world known as Guritchi, was accidentally released by a group of pirates known as the Flaw-Heads, which is consists of leader Captain Z. Urbon, his niece, Gaki Tabo (a gamer-girl who has a love interest for Tendo), his partners and duo, Hand-Tech Toro and BubZ (a glitch version of Bubsy Bobcat) and 41 Flawbots (an animal-like robots created by Gaki Tabo). The Flaw-Heads pirates plots to steal the civilization's primary source of energy, known as the Quantum Corb, leading Tendo and his pet sidekick, Krackers to protect Shōbu Island from their threats.



Tendo Land: A Glitch Saga is a  2D action-platforming game with role-playing gameplay elements, that mostly resembles a mix of anime and a retro-era platform games, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. The game includes a hub-world, which consists of 5 worlds, like Tricky Tree Forest, Construct City, Plasma Palace, New Snow City and the main Shōbu Island. Each worlds can access to a RPG-style hub-area known as the Time Phase. The player must complete each stages (known as Phase) and must defeat some bosses in order to access the way to defeat the final boss stage.   

Main controls

  • 21px-3DS Stick.svgCircle Pad: Left,right- Move character
  • 16px-3DS Pad leftright.svgControl Pad: Up, left and down,right - Look the direction, up,down,left and right
  • 16px-3DS A.svg/16px-3DS B.svgA,B Button - Jump, Double Jump, Wall Jump
  • 21px-3DS Stick.svgCircle Pad: Down - Duck
  • 16px-3DS X.svg/16px-3DS Y.svgX/Y Button - Punch, Double Punch
  • 16px-3DS A.svg/16px-3DS B.svg + 16px-3DS X.svg/16px-3DS Y.svgA,B Button + X/Y Button - Jump Attack, Double Jump Attack
  • 21px-3DS Stick.svg + 16px-3DS X.svg/16px-3DS Y.svgCircle Pad: Down + X/Y Button - Duck Punch
  • 21px-3DS Stick.svgCircle Pad: Double Left, Right - Glitch Dash


These types of transformation allows Tendo Nin to acquire by using each of the power Tokens to defeat some enemies as well as defeating bosses. Similar to those on the Super Mario series, It can be affecive to lose these power-ups by touching the enemies. These tokens can be purchased in some shops at each of these worlds and the Time Phase area. Similar to Super Mario 3D Land, These tokens can seen or acquired from the another screen of the 3DS.  

  • Fire-Head TendoFire-Head TokenFire-Head Tendo - A fire-type form, allowing to power-up some fire blast and throw fire balls. It can be acquire by using the Fire Token 
  • Sub-Froze TendoSub-Froze TokenSub-Froze Tendo - An Ice-type form, allowing to freeze the enemies and throw snowballs. It can be acquire by using the Ice Token during the two snow-themed levels, Snowtopia, Snowy Island. 
  • Wildborn TendoWildborn TokenWild-Fur Tendo - A Wild-type form, with a Sonic-like fox appearance, allowing to climb walls and beat strongly at enemies. It can be acquire by using the Wild Token during the forest-themed level, Wildborn Jungle.
  • Glitched TendoGlitched Tendo - A super Glitch-type form, that acquire only in the final boss stage.


Image Names Description
Tendo (Graphics still) Tendo Nin A 16-years old teenage glitcher and the main protagonist of the game. 
Krackers A pet weasel-type creature and Tendo's sidekick.

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