Full Name Tendo
Current Age 15
Date of Birth 11/6
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive

Tendo is the main protagonist of the Gamer Multiverse Series, created by GamerTendo.



One of the two kids, the other being TBA, Tendo strives on being a hero. With several video game like powers, and the technology forms, he tries defeating all evil that he fights, with or without his allies.

But other then that, he's very kind hearted, but naive.


Powers and Abilities

Electricity Manipulation

With being trapped in the Gamer Multiverse, Tendo seems to of had control over electricity, due to being sucked into video games, due to the consoles being electric. With this, he also has technology manipulation. With this ability comes one of his most powerful abilities, his technology forms.

Technology Forms

With his electricity and technology manipulation, Tendo can use this power to go to extreme powers with forms. These currently range from 1-10, with the forms in this order: 1 - Alpha, 2 - Neon, 3 - Delta, 4 - Thunder, 5 - Blue Neon, 6 - Extreme, 7 - Beam, 8 - Blazing, 9 - Blazing Blue, 10 - Omega.

However, when he uses more powerful forms, it damages him and lowers his energy much more afterwards. It's a very risky take the higher the form. Going to form 8, 9, and 10 could even result in either extreme injures or death.

Weapon Usage

Tendo mainly uses arm cannons and swords. He takes this inspiration for swords from characters like Link, and his inspiration for using arm cannons for one of his favorite fictional characters, Mega Man.


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