Full Name Ten
Current Age 12
Date of Birth December 12th, 2002
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Male
Species Teddy Bear
Location Blacksworth Village
Current Status Alive
The Fan's Army, Team Bowie, Survivor Fans
Main Weapon(s) Lazers, Life Sword
Ability/ies Very Intelligent, Lazer Eyes, Able to Control the Life Sword
Vulnerable To Fire, Electricity
Wanna Be Unten, Scarlet
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Why was This Game Created
Latest Appearance How can This Be a Game
 Ten is the main character of the WTGC series, and one of the main characters in Awesomecartoonwar.


When Ten was a little boy, looked up to the great beorn hero Unten, and also thought another Teddy Bear named Bowie was even braver and cooler. He met a young Briky named Blok, and ever since they met, they have been best friends. He then made his first appearence in WTGC, where he went on a journey with Blok to save the world after the earth's core, a puzzle fell out of its home, the sun and split into 4 pieces. He then met Captain. Pablo and Robe on his journey, and he became friends with them. He then defeated the Giga Beast with the help of his friend. He will be the main character of HTGM. He will be a playable character in Awesomecartoongames and will be on the team that thinks Bowie should recieve the Fantendo Award of Greatness, and will be on that team with Blok and Happo.


Ten looks like a simple teddy bear, but he has scarlet fur and a green scarf. He is very scared about telling people his name because many people make fun of it.


Ten is a very smart, kind, young teddy bear, learning the alphabet win he was 1, and is very interested in archolegy. He is friends with alot of people, but is enemies with the Giga Beast and has a rivalry with Runten and Captain Pablo. His best friend is Blok, as Blok thinks Ten's name is cool, and Ten taught Blok how to write, read and draw. His 1A best friend is Robe, and they both get each other as they are both very intelligent. He looks up to teddy bear hero Bowie, and he also looks up to Unten.


  • Ten was origanally brown like a normal teddy bear.
  • He is the second bear awesomecartoongames voiced.
  • Ten is a fan of a tv show called Star Speck, another game made by awesomecartoongames.

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