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Tempo (MMC)
Full Name Tempo, God of Imagination
Current Age unknown
Date of Birth October 21 (or so he claims)
Gender Male
Species Deity
Location none
Current Status Alive
Class Self-Proclaimed Badass
God of Imagination
Progression of civilization
Main Weapon(s) none
Ability/ies Patron of invention
The usual deity abilities
Vulnerable To Unrestrained ego
Easily tricked or distracted
First Appearance Amy Jackson's Pro Skater
Latest Appearance N/A
Too much water. 7.8/10.
Tempo, on a popular subject

Tempo is a dimensional interloper from another multiverse, which he presides over as God of Imagination. Most noteworthy for his over-the-top nature and attention-seeking antics.


Though he can technically take on any appearance - you know, being a god and all - Tempo prefers to take the shape of a wiry adult with chin-length untidy hair of a light brown color, pale skin, and almond-shaped gray eyes. In this form, he dresses in sleeveless leather jackets over black t-shirts, jeans, and black combat boots. He is almost constantly seen wearing a pair of sleek black and red headphones. His arms are marked with white tattoos comparable to skeletal bat wings, as is one side of his face.


If people were to pick one word to describe Tempo, it would usually be "loud." Tempo's vocal presence is overwhelming, and filled with relevant colloquialism and even some foul language. When he has something to say, he immediately blurts it out, regardless of the consequences. To top this off, he harbors some serious inferiority complex from his nonexistent reputation in his previous home reality, and makes it his goal to do as much as possible in hopes that he'll receive the recognition that he thinks he deserves.

In his personal life, Tempo is an avid fan of... Well, imagination! He makes it his goal to consistently follow all the latest trends and technologies, and is especially interested in following the smartphone market because of how it blends both of these. He is equipped with a plethora of pop culture references gathered in his spare time, and can pull a relevant one out at a moment's notice.


Being a God of Imagination, Tempo has instant access to the fruits of human thought, ranging from inventions to terrible puns. He also has a connection with his old world’s Gods of Death, due to once working for them, and retains some very minor influence over the forces of the afterlife. He can interact with departed souls, but cannot revive them without a boost of energy from actual Death Gods.

And, obviously, he's basically immortal and omnipresent; but doesn't exactly have infinite energy. He CAN be tired out in combat. In addition, his power, which he usually leaves unchecked, can easily be stolen by anyone with half a brain and the motive to do so.


  • Tempo's self-proclaimed “birthday”, October 21, is a reference to the novel Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, which jokingly states in its first chapter that the world "was created on Sunday the 21st of October, 4004 B.C., at exactly 9:00 A.M., because God liked to get work done early in the morning while he was feeling fresh."

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