Temple Run: Mushroom Kingdom is the first portable Mario game to be released on phones. This is an alternate version of the Imangi Studios game Temple Run. It will be released in July for all smartphones, and will come to PC in August.



Name Description Special Ability Coins needed
Mario An Italian plumber. Fireballs None
Luigi Mario's brother. Poltergust 5000
Peach Damsel in distress Perry 5000
Toad Mushroom kid. Mega Mushroom 5000
Goomba's Shoe A.k.a Kuribo's shoe. Triple Stomp 5000
Guy Dangerous The original runner. Speed Rush 10000
Sonic A speedy hedgehog. Super Sonic 10000



Name Who they chase Attacks
Bowser Mario/Peach Flamethrower, Hammers.
King Boo Luigi Boo Swarm, Bowser Suit.
Kamek Toad Hocus Pocus.
Demon Monkey Guy Dangerous None
Dr. Eggman Sonic Checker Whecker Ball, Fireballs, Crush.


There are 6 areas in the game, and there are 5 levels in each.

1. Kingdom Grounds

  1. Basics
  2. Bowser on the Summit
  3. Monty Mole Run
  4. Escaping
  5. Kingdom Grounds Cannon

2. Old Clockworks

  1. House of Ghosts
  2. Boohemoth Barricade
  3. Demon Clocks
  4. Lakitu Lounge
  5. Clockwork Cannon

3. Kamek's Library

  1. Book Scurry
  2. Pests of the Library
  3. Boo's Alcove
  4. Magical 8 Ball Roll
  5. Librarian's Warp Pipe

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