Oh, fighting's not that bad for me, mommy. I can just tune my hearing aids to completely drown out the sounds of screaming enemies.

Temple by drebles
art by Dr. Drebbles (tbc)
Current Age 19 (from the future)
Not born yet (present time)
Date of Birth August 3rd
Gender Male
Species Human
Align Good
Current Status Alive
His guardians, Parrie, psychics, his hearing aids, lemonade, mythical creatures, cotton candy, candy bars
Loud noises, not having his hearing aids, getting glue stuck on him, mangoes
Height 5'09"
First Appearance The Children Program: Generation Z
Temple Hazel is one of two children adopted by Pierce Hazel and Clair Voyant, being one of many future children introduced in The Children Program: Generation Z. Temple uses his psychic powers often not for fighting, but for cleaning up and for activating gadgets from distances, using his powers to make lots of conveniences for the rest of his team. Like a literal temple, he's filled to the brim with ideas, and as such he can become quite the chatterbox. He also has a very wild imagination, able to come up with all sorts of clever uses of his psychic energy and gadgets around him thanks to the many fantasy stories he reads upon. His one biggest dream is to ride a dragon with his sister Parrie, although they both know that the day when they do that is far off from present time.

Temple and Parrie were raised quite well, and their parents remained alive even during the worst of the future Mallorian Monarch's phases. They were extremely protective of the two children and were super cautious while they were raising them, moving them from house to house. Temple spent his time either helping Pierce and Clair protect their home from the sentient cameras roaming the monarch or reading fantasy stories to find inspiration towards fighting back against the monarch's commanders. A time traveler man, Minute, helped Temple and his sister escape the wrath of the Mallorian Monarch and escape into the present time, where they played a role in The Children Program: Generation Z. He left the Zaxinian Lifts with his sister following the war, however, in favor of finding fresh air and freedom in the land of the Fantendoverse.


Temple is a free-spirited, happy-go-lucky child that is unconvinced that everything is going to rot. He is determined to do what it takes to end evil or put ends to wars, and spends a lot of time doing creative thinking and solving puzzles to find inspiration. Temple believes heavily in miracles and always hopes for them when put in a situation that he's not exactly the most comfortable in. He is super talkative and cooperative and likes to lend his voice or hands towards just about any project, being a very hands-on person. Temple is super explorative and likes to venture to where no one else does, yet is clumsy and can be a little careless when it comes to crossing over unknown lands. Out of all the children, he has the most close calls and is usually stopped by his sister Parrie from venturing too far into dark zones.

Curiosity is one of Temple's biggest traits as a person, with his want for exploration and fantasy-filled dreams leading him to do tasks that can be considered out of the norm. Temple can often be seen confronting wild beasts, climbing steep mountains, playing around with highly toxic objects, etc., even if advised not to by his parents. He's also really interested in people and studies them from every angle he can, learning as much about them as possible before either running away or sticking to them as friends. Most don't know this and can find him as somewhat creepy in regards to his interests, but villains that are smart can take advantage of this and cause some damage in the end, but more than likely he will have Parrie with him and crush the dreams of the person holding him captive.

Relationships with other characters


Pierce adores Temple very much after having swooped him up from an orphanage, liking his eager personality very much and strongly protecting him with all his might. Pierce has spoiled Temple massively, having bought him a great number of gifts simply because Temple always puts a smile on his father's face. Temple thinks that Pierce is a super cool father and aspires to be like him one day, and also wants to learn all of his psychic powers and abilities. The two explore together often on weekends.


Temple and Clair get along quite fine, although their relationship isn't as strong as Temple's is with his father. Clair is the type to give him homework and protect him from going outside where it's dangerous, and can get mighty suspicious of him at times. However, she is quite content with him and adores hearing about his good grades and wonderful discoveries, and is quite supportive of it. Whenever Clair puts Parrie in front of Temple, however, Temple can fuss a little with his mother.



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