Television Tycoon is an upcoming tycoon game for the PCs. Based on Game Dev Story and Anime Studio Story, the player is the owner of a television broadcaster and he/she must manage the television broadcast and also broadcast new original shows.


In Television Tycoon, the player creates a television broadcaster, which starts off as an local broadcaster. The player starts off with one studio for series, one studio for news stations, one studio for animation and the main office. The broadcasting only begins when the timeslots are full so the player must hire the staff before doing the works. The staff are separted into four sections, Series, which are live-action actors and actress alongside writers and producers, Animation, which are voice actors, designers and writers, the News, which are reporters and finally the Audience, which are people that are focused on doing shows for the audience.

The player will be able to broadcast shows that are not made in the studios, to broadcast shows the player must buy the license and then show it. The player also needs to organize the shows in the timeslots, depending of where the player puts the timeslot, the ratings for the show will either increase or decrease. There is two types of shows, Limited, which are the TV Series and Animations shows, that are limited to an amount of seasons that the player can choose to renew or not and Unlimited, which are the News and Audience, which doesn't have seasons so it can be there for a long time, but their upkeep is very high and if the player doesn't have the amount of money to keep that show on air, it will cause the end of that show.


Stations and Facilities


Name Description Preferred Timeslot Cost
Lighthearted Action Adventure Bigger audience: Young kids and young teenagers.
Popularity: Medium.
Evening N/A
Dark Action Adventure Bigger audience: Adult men.
Popularity: Medium.
Midnight N/A
Comedy Bigger audience: Teenagers and young adults.
Popularity: High.
Evening N/A
Black Comedy N/A Midnight N/A
Game Show N/A Evening/Early Night N/A
Documentary N/A Evening/Midnight N/A
Puppets N/A Morning N/A
Reality TV N/A Late Night N/A
Wild West N/A Early Evening/Early Night N/A
Science Fiction N/A Late Night N/A
Noir N/A Late Night N/A
Biography N/A Evening N/A
Drama N/A Evening/Early Night N/A
Fantasy N/A Evening/Early Night N/A
Horror N/A Late Night N/A
Musical N/A Early Evening N/A
Romance N/A Evening N/A
Sports N/A Late Evening/Early Night N/A
War N/A Late Night N/A


Name Description Type Cost
The Morning Show With Lay Jeno N/A Audience $500,000
The V-Documents N/A Series $1,000,000
Quest Hour N/A Animation $750,000
Fixing Good N/A Series $1,500,000
Bad News Month N/A News $2,000,000


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