Television Smash Brothers is the new type of Smash Brothers, Instead features characters from Television Shows.


Playable Characters

Default Characters

There are a lot of characters in the game, A lot of default, And lot of The unlockables.

Character Name Info
ThY0O066MJ SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob the yellow fun sponge that loves to do things, Such as, Bubble-Blowing, Reef-Blowing, Jellyfishing, And working at SpongeBob's favorite part-time job in the whole universe!
ThSBQ5WL0U Patrick Star Patrick is the dumb, But sometimes intelligent starfish that is best friends with SpongeBob.
ThHR081NPS Timmy Turner Timmy Turner is the kid with Fairy Godparents', That are very odd in some ways, [Hence The Title], Timmy often gets stuck in school by the evil teacher, Denzel Crocker.
Homersimpson Homer Simpson Homer is the hero of the ABC comedy television show, The Simpsons. Homer is the drinking husband of Marge, But he shows that he can be a loyal father, And husband.
Th74JJBIGO Peter Griffin Peter is the hero of the FOX comedy television show, The Family Guy. Just like Homer, He is a heavy drinker, But shows he can be a loyal father, And husband.
ThS0GD2GFO Stewie Griffin Stewie is the half evil baby from The Family Guy. He once invented This Time Machine whenever things go to shit, He changes them from the past.
ThX67B5HLE Rigby Rigby is the talking raccoon from, The Regular Show. Rigby is best friends with Mordecai.
ThMORUDNQT Finn The Human Finn The Human is the hero of the television show, Adventure Time. Finn is the hero who always wants to find adventure with his loyal dog, Jake.
ThFG3UNXBQ Jake The Dog Jake The Dog is the yellow dog from the television show, Adventure Time. Jake can turn into anything.
Th5WD33NCG Darwin Darwin is the talking fish with legs from the animated television series, The Amazing World Of Gumball. He is best friend with Gumball.
ThYB6HKHUE Pikachu Pikachu is the electric, And most famous Pokémon of all time. Pikachu fights other Pokémon to defeat Mewtwo.
Th8ANO43KQ Ash Ash is The Pokémon Trainer for Pikachu. Ash tried to help Pikachu fight for years, And loves him very much.

Unlockable Characters

Character Name Info
ThMRB8RSLA Squidward Tentacles Squidward is the squid of Bikini Bottom, And often gets aggravated by the two neighbors, Patrick, And SpongeBob.
ThN28YG47G Cosmo Cosmo is the idiot fairy of Timmy's, However tries to show he is a loyal father, And husband.
ThX49EKBD9 Brian Griffin Brian is the 7 year old talking white Labrador from The Family Guy. Brian is Stewie's & Peter's best friends. Brian does not get along with The Griffin's neighbor, Quagmire.
ThDEDDTZL9 Vinny Griffin Vinny is the blackish-brown dog from only three episodes of, The Family Guy. Vinny replaced Brian For the episodes after, The Life of Brian, In which Brian dies. Vinny moves away in the Christmas episode in which Stewie reinvents The Time Machine, To bring back Brian.
ThZH29BRDP Sheldon Cooper Sheldon is the scientist from the CBS television show, The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon has a roommate in the apartment, Dr. Leonard Hofstadter.
ThRLMBKAF2 Leonard Hofstadter Leonard is Sheldon's best friend from the CBS television show, The Big Bang Theory. Leonard has an ex-wife named, Penny.
ThIV25JMHE Rajesh Koothrappali Rajesh, Or known as Raj by friends, Is the Indian friend of the guys from the CBS television show, The Big Bang Theory.
ThPVAM6XW8 Mordecai Mordecai is the talking blue jay from the television cartoon show, The Regular Show. The Mordecai is best friends with Rigby.
ThOWGU4QKP Benson Benson is the talking gumball machine from, The Regular Show.
ThCXDVHYN2 The Ice King The Ice King is the true villain from, Adventure Time.
ThAJ2WXUIT Gumball Watterson The cat from the animated television series, The Amazing World Of Gumball. Gumball is friends with the talking, walking fish with leg's, Darwin.
Th8H8SDQP3 Lucario Lucario is the Aura-Type Pokémon from Pokémon.
ThRSEOWLJ9 Blue Blue is the blue preschool female dog from, Blue's Clues.
ThID12XXA7 Steve Burns Steve Burns is the preschool teacher for the kids television show, Blue's Clues.
ThK47H18AT Slippery-Soap Slippery-Soap is the talking soap from Blue's Clues.
ThX7SZN34Q Shrek Shrek is the film character from the DreamWorks famous movie series, Shrek. Shrek is an green ogre.
Th3Y5H8LWG Jimmy Neutron Neutron is the kid boy genius from The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron-Boy Genius! He has two friends named, Sheen, And Carl.
Th9JIP4HIR Megaman Megaman is the half robot, Half kid from the Megaman series, However this Megaman is based heavily on the anime, Obviously.


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