Telekezon 2
Telekezon's main artwork. Credit to Exotoro (tbc) for making line art for it.
Full Name Telekezon
Gender Genderless
Species Telekite
Align Leader of the Telekites
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Telekinesis, Phytokinesis, Electrokinesis, Telekite Minions
Ability/ies Telekinesis, Phytokinesis, Electrokinesis, Levitation
Vulnerable To Sharp objects, titanium

Telekezon is the leader of the Telekite species/troop.


Not much is known on Telekezon's backstory. He is known to, many years ago, be formed in a radioactive jungle, becoming the first Telekite created. Through asexual reproduction, he then created more, smaller Telekites.

Much later on, Telekezon, alongside his Telekites, found an ancient temple within the jungle that was rumored to give the person that reached a certain room of its to gain infinite power. Telekezon, being stupid and greedy, went inside the temple and searched for the mythical room. However, after days of searching, there was no luck for him and his army. Lots of his army had been killed from traps, and there was little to no hope for him. However, he eventually found the room. He was going to be transformed into the most powerful being in the universe, but was deceived. He gained certain abilities (which were Phytokinesis and Electrokinesis), but was punished with the curse of being stuck there for hundreds of years.

Many years later, Telekezon was awakened. Once again creating more Telekites, he went out to the world, leaving the jungle and seeking destruction and despair to others so they could feel pain like he did.


Being just a floating eyeball with tentacles, he does not have much a developed brain able to sense and cause emotions. However, he does tear occasionally if he gets extremely upset and has veins in his eyes sometimes when he gets angry. His main goal is to destroy and make others upset; he does so by using his abilities and weapons to destroy.


Telekezon is a large eyeball with a hair-like object on its head, and tentacles on him with rings on those tentacles. Most of the time, a pink eyelid with blue triangular stripes on it is covering his eyeball, and a lot of the time, veins can be seen in his eyes, although only when he is using his abilities or when he is angry or sad. He also has two horns on different sides on his eyeballs, which are pink a blue stripe. He also has tentacles on his eyeball, which are pink with blue rings on them (the rings are only present on the top tentacles), or pink with blue leaf-like objects on them for the bottom tentacles.

His main color scheme is pink with blue as a secondary color.