Tele is a new copy ability in Kirby: Cozmic Adventure. As the name would suggest, this ability gives Kirby psychic powers


Kirby gets a rainbow-colored headband with a yellow circular gem on it. The area on Kirby's head above the band becomes light blue and grows spikes.


This copy ability is obtainable by a Syco for most times that you get it, otherwise by a Levipath or its' projectiles.

Tele's Moveset
Psyblast Y Kirby's mind devastates the nearest enemy.
Psycho Bomb hold Y All enemies Kirby touches as long as you hold Y explode. Don't hold too long or you lose health.
Teeport Y near enemy+ D-pad Kirby grabs an enemy and teleports it in the selected direction.
Psychic Toss Y near enemy+Y Kirby throws the enemy he has grabbed.
Mindgames dash+Y Kirby creates a psychic duplicate that runs in the direction he faces.
Invaders of the Mind Y near enemy+hold Y Kirby possesses the enemy he holds.
Erase X in enemy Erases the possessed enemy and anything near it.
Telejump jump+Y Kirby teleports upward.

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