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Tek-5 is a character who appeared in Skip and Sqak Rangers. He is a robot who is a member of the RAVI Team. He is also a big fan of RPG Games.


Tek-5 is a complete know-it-all since he is a robot, but also a total nerd. He is a huge fan of the Nerd's Quest Series (a parody of Final Fantasy). His favorite drink is oil, which is in the cafeteria only for him as it keeps him active but he does eat normal food.

Tek-5 is the most picked on student in Galaxian High due to his "nerdy" nature. But he gets used to it since he gets pranked literally 1 Billion times in his life (100 every day). He is shown to have a huge crush on T1na.


Tek-5 can glide with his rocket feet, fire lasers, and swing his iron sword. He can also scan enemies to expose their health bar.

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