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Teh Raven
Teh Raven in iPenguin Adventure
Full Name Lars "Teh Raven"
Current Age 14
Location Brisk Jungle
Class Ally
First Appearance iPenguin Adventure (2012)
Latest Appearance iPenguin Adventure (2012)

Lars "Teh Raven" is a recurring character in the iPenguin series. He is a dark purple Penguin who tries to act like a Raven. He has small, black eyes and an orange beak. He also has flat, orange feet, short, stubby arms, and an orange string around his forehead. He makes his first appearence in iPenguin Adventure where he is the self-proclaimed 'head' of the Brisk Woods (despite Nate, and later Raze, being the true leader). He also appears in Speedy's Speedway as a guide character during the selection screens. He and a group of Raven's are obstacles in Raven Raceway.

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