Teenage Grudge is a action-adventure game by the new of Stelios7 (tbc), Alange95 (tbc), PolisKanin (tbc) and YoshiEgg (tbc). It was their first project together and will involve 3 teenage girls becoming adults and abruptly reunited to save their city.


3 young adult girls are turning 21 and a disaster has struck and they are the few people left in their town. They reconcilliate and acknowledge that they have to team up to survive and but their former differences and troubles behind them.


The gameplay is a free roam action adventure where you can switch between the 3 girls each with their different stats and abilities.


Their are 3 girls to switch between in the game. They are each all unique and some spots cannot be passed with one girl, needing the other.

Image Name Description
Mia Mia is a average Joe of who takes life in the slow lane and likes to have a good laugh, but she can know when to be serious. She is approachable with anyone, being the most normal of the 3.
Laura Laura is a poor simple girl that always tries to do her best and she never loses her hopes for improving. She is very intelligent but the money is a problem to get her dreams.

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