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Teen Titans: Power Struggle
Developer(s) Phazonworks
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo NX, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC.
Genre(s) Platformer, Beat-Em-Up.
Age Rating(s)
Cost $29.99
Max. amount of players Up to 4



When a battle with a band of thugs shatters a recently uncovered crystal, the Teen Titans learn that when a fractal of the crystal comes into contact with someone, it can give them significant power. Unfortunately, 12 fractals are scattered throughout the city, ripe for the picking for practically any supervillain smart enough to understand the power within.

So to do this task, the 6 core Titans decided on rounding up more to help with the search, but unfotunately their search might catch the attention of those who wish to abuse that much power.

Act 1: Power Fragmented

The story opens with a trip to the Titans Tower simulator and a tutorial with each of the Titans walking the player through basic controls, concepts and their own unique story traits.

  • Robin tutors on basic movements and simple combat,
  • Starfire tutors on flight (unique to herself, Raven, Blackfire and Terra),
  • Cyborg tutors on vehicle sequences and highway battles (unique to himself and Robin),
  • Raven tutors on interdimensional warp portal puzzles (her unique aspect),
  • Beast Boy tutors on special attacks and Super Attacks,
  • Terra tutors on geokinetic/telekinetic puzzles (an aspect unique to herself and Raven),
  • Aqualad tutors on underwater sequences (his unique aspect),
  • Kid Flash tutors on speed travel (his unique aspect),
  • Jinx tutors on her magic spell sequences (unique to herself and Raven),
  • Speedy tutors on long-range standoffs (an aspect unique to himself and Robin),
  • Wrap-Up tutors on shapeshifting puzzles (his aspect),
  • and Blackfire tutors on aerial combat sequences (unique to herself and other flight users).

Afterward, a cutscene plays out explaining the story of the game: Control Freak (with a brand-new suit and brand new controls) and a band of armed thugs breaks into a local museum and end up stealing a crystal (unbeknownst to them, containing unheard-of power); in the ensuing battle with the Teen Titans, Control Freak accidentally shatters the crystal, which scattered the fragments across the world, unfortunately most of them quickly falling into the hands of the enemies. Control Freak escaped, and Raven decided it would be best to ignore him and retrieve the fragments.

Unknown to the Titans, Control Freak got ahold of a fragment and tapped into its power, gaining an ability to control any electronic object by just looking at it.

Act 2: The Search Begins

Picking up on the trail of the first fragment, Robin tracked it to a group of warehouses in Jump City's lower side; following a battle with some goons and some quick recon, he found out who had it --- the Joker, unfortunately. Tracking the Guffawing Gangster to an cheap motel, Robin found that his mentor's old enemy had set up camp there, complete with secondhand amusement park attractions (rigged to be lethal of course); navigating the gauntlet and defeating the goons, Robin made it to Joker, forcing him to tap into the fragment's power. Joker then turned into a form similar to that of his Arkhamverse counterpart (when he was hopped up on Titan); turning Joker's size against him, Robin beat him and took the fragment from him.

Act 3: Broadening Horizons

Act 4: The Stakes get Higher

Act 5: Master Control


With 12 varying stages, each attuned to a different Titan, the gameplay varies considerably: it can be stealth, puzzle-solving, beat-em-up, or even racing on some occasions. All stories have boss battles, though.

Mechanics among the Titans have a few similarities: a basic all-around health meter, quick attacks, heavy attacks, jumping (single and double, along with aerial attacks), grabbing, stunning projectiles, and a super attack built up by combos and other factors.

However, there are several differing mechanics among the Titans, usually varying from overall playstyle to attacking force.


Agile, Skillful, basic combos and decent strength -- as an all-around starter character, it's no suprise that Robin would have all of these; he has a basic setup system he can do to trap foes in multiple combos, and his special attacks are pretty handy as well, as they can be paired together to form a long chain of raw damage.

  • Staff Smash -
  • Disc Flurry -
  • Zip Kick -
  • Stun Blast -
  • Flying Grayson (Super) -


Being Tamaranean, Starfire relies mainly on her starbolts to help her fight, making her much better at ranged combat than the majority of the titans; she's also much faster than most characters.

  • Starbolt Jab -
  • ??? -
  • ??? -
  • ??? -
  • Supernova Shockwave (Super) -


Cyborg, as one might guess, can be primarily considered the mixed attacker, due to his cyborganic body and various gadgets.

  • Piston Punch -
  • ??? -
  • Ground Smash -
  • Sonic Cannon -
  • Boomburst (Super) -


Due to her telekinetic skills and lack of combat efficiency, Raven is not a melee fighter, but is ruthlessly efficient at performing ranged combos on her targets.

  • Knockback Push -
  • Telekinetic Whirlwind
  • Azarath's Fury
  • Meditate -
  • Rainbow Raven Flock (Super) -

Beast Boy

Beast Boy can widely be considered the polar opposite of Raven in both personality and playstyle: whereas Raven was all ranged attacks, Beast Boy is all melee; like with Raven being effective with ranged combos, Beast Boy, with his animal forms, is ruthlessly effeciant at Melee attacks.

  • Ground Pounder -
  • Pridal Rush -
  • Rainforest Trickster -
  • Raptor Talons -
  • Werewolf Unleashed (Super) -


Terra's geokinetic abilities make her a strong all-around attacker, whether she's using stone gauntlets or throwing boulders at foes like a quick game of bowling.

  • Powergem Sword -
  • Rockslide Rush -
  • Spirebreak -
  • Avalanche Throw -
  • Landstorm (Super) -


Kid Flash




Wrap-Up, being made up of two lightweight materials, can combo and get around much faster than other Titans, even having a limited hover ability; however, he has slightly less strength compared to the others (about 0.9 compared to the Titans' usual 1.0), and his speed comes at a cost of defense, so his speed is the main advantage when using him.

  • Stretching Sucker-Punch -
  • Sandblasting W/O Pain -
  • Ditto Ditto -
  • Tie-Up Slamwich -
  • Sandstorm Fists (Super) -


Voice Cast

Scott Menville Robin
Hynden Walch Starfire, Blackfire
Khary Payton Cyborg
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Tara Strong Raven
Ashley Johnson Terra
Wil Wheaton Aqualad
Michael Rosenbaum Kid Flash
Lauren Tom Jinx
Mike Erwin Speedy
Josh Keaton Wrap-Up
Alexander Polinsky Control Freak
Mark Hamill Joker


  • Unlike other Teen Titans games, this entry uses 12 titans total: Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, Terra, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Jinx, Speedy, Wrap-Up and Blackfire.

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