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Teen Fantendo Movie is about quirkly teenage girl InukaneYumiko, popular teenage boy Lumoshi and their adventures in the mysterious WikiLand of Fantendo. The two main characters inadvertently mess up Fantendo, and they must bring it back to the way it originally was.

Teen Fantendo Movie
Studio(s) Boon
Distributor(s) Fantendo
Type Live Action
Country of Origin United States of America
Theatrical Release Date(s)
Home Edition Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Original Language English
Runtime 1:54:32


InukaneYumiko comes to the Arctic tundra, wanting to take pictures of wolves and paint the picture. However, the minute she enters the tundra, she sees Lumoshi, a popular celebrity who has come for autographs from the Arctic villagers. After Lumoshi and InukaneYumiko get to know each other, a wolf eats them and his magical stomach transports the two to the magical country of Fantendo, a magical country full of Nintendo fans.

Upon their magical arrival, InukaneYumiko and Lumoshi are greeted by the Bureaucrats ShadowElise and Heartphilia, two teenage girls that rule Fantendo. When they see Lumoshi, however, the Bureaucrats are shocked. It turns out Lumoshi is the lost Sysop, or Bureaucrat assistant, of Fantendo. Their lack of attention for InukaneYumiko gets InukaneYumiko upset.

Despite the two urging a Sysop named Qyzxf to lead them back home, Qyzxf gives the two teens a tour of Fantendo. After this tour, they find that ShadowElise, the newer Bureaucrat, has been kidnapped. A ransom note asking for the rights to Fantendo, however, has been left behind by her anonymous captor. After scientific analyzation, it is confirmed that this kidnapper is from the realm that Lumoshi and InukaneYumiko live in. By this time, the two realize that only they can save ShadowElise.

Throughout the night, Lumoshi is congratulated for going to save the day, while InukaneYumiko isn't acknowledged at all and feels left out. Eventually, she is pushed to the edge in that she erases all the articles that Lumoshi contributed to Fantendo in a fit of rage.

Lumoshi then decides to leave Fantendo on his own to rescue ShadowElise. However, when he tries the magic spell that lets him leave to his world, it malfunctions repeatedly. He discovers that he can only leave Fantendo with the person that accompanied him there in the first place. He goes to find InukaneYumiko and prepare her to go with him.

Meanwhile, Inukane is crying in a Forum, regretting her actions towards Lumoshi. When Lumoshi finds her, she apologizes sincerely, and Lumoshi forgives her. Together, they try the spell again, and it works.

Back in the Arctic, the wolf that ate the two teens barfs them back up. They are immediately met by Alfred Kahn of 4Kids Entertainment, who challenges the two to a duel and reveals himself to have captured ShadowElise. If he loses the duel, ShadowElise will be freed, but if he wins, he'll kidnap the rest of Fantendo and kidify and edit them until they are his mindless, money-making slaves. They fight with mallets on springs, and Kahn defeats Lumoshi and InukaneYumiko easily. With this, Kahn kills the magical-stomached wolf, bringing all of the Fantendo inhabitants to his realm. He then knocks out all of the realm-travelers and brings them to a secret prison building where the Fantendo people are put, two in each cell.

ShadowElise and InukaneYumiko wake up in the same cell, and ShadowElise apologizes for overlooking her and making her feel unwelcome. To solve the problem, ShadowElise promotes InukaneYumiko to Chat Monitor. The two girls make a plan to escape from Al Kahn on the cell wall, but Al Kahn sees this plan and moves the two girls to another cell.

The whole of Fantendo is left without hope until the police come across Al Kahn's secret building, free Fantendo, and arrest Al Kahn. They all make magical spells to return to Fantendo, but InukaneYumiko and Lumoshi are unsure of whether she should stay in her home realm or live in Fantendo forever. Eventually they decide to make Fantendo their new home. In the credits, Al Kahn is seen getting sentenced to death.

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