Teddy Bear
Teddy in Jack: Of All Trades.
Full Name Teddy Bear
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Location Plushy Village
Current Status Alive
Class Ally
Ability/ies Strength
Latest Appearance Jack: Of All Trades

Teddy Bear is one of Jack's friends in Jack: Of All Trades. He's known being a living teddy bear with immense strength that lives in Fun World.

Appearance Edit

Teddy looks like a plain brown teddy bear with a cyan tie.

Game Appearances Edit

Jack: Of All TradesEdit

Teddy found Jack, who accidentally went into the Fun World via a children's book. As Jack wanted his love interest Suzy Sweetheart to show this world, Teddy agreed and waited for him. However, Buzz Nizz saw how Jack went into this book, and after he saw Jack went out, Buzz jumped in the book, and came into the Fun World as well. As Jack and Suzy returned, Teddy was almost in the clutches of Buzz. As Buzz saw the two kids, he ran away and grabbed Suzy instead. Jack and Teddy are set to save Fun World, as Buzz tries to take it over.