Ted & The Egg

This is a Kunai Production! Do not edit besides spelling errors!

Ted and The Egg (Ted and Da Egg in PAL versions) is a game for the Nintendo 3ds by Kunai Inc.


Ted, a Toad who lives on a Yoshi farm with his father, finds an egg hatched by one of their female Yoshis. The egg is close to hatching, so it can move. All of a sudden, the always peacful Shy Guys attack. Their new king, Bad Guy is behind this. All the Yoshis escape, besides the mother Yoshi and her egg. Ted takes the egg, his father takes the mother, and they split up. Now it is up to Ted and his new egg friend to defeat Bad Guy, save the Yoshis, and reunite the mother and the egg.


Ted and the Egg is a 2D sidescroller with one simple goal, keep the egg from getting hit and get to the goal. At the beginning, you choose your color of Yoshi egg (Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink) and Ted's color (Red, Yellow, Blue). You control Ted, and the egg follows you. Ted can punch and kick, and throw the egg.
Ted Colors

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